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Warner cringes over HE-MAN movie

Rumor has it that the Grayskull redo is all but dead

By Rob M. Worley     October 17, 2008
Source: Latino Review

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El Mayimbe at Latino Review has been a big cheerleader for the 'He-Man' live-action redo that's been kicking around Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures for several years.

Now, it appears that the project is all but dead. They guys who were shepherding the film for Silver have moved on to other positions in the industry, which has reduced the energy that they've been able to throw behind the project. Further, the studio had very specific demands for a director they would entrust such an ambitious project too, and the top directors on the list passed.

Is this the end of a live-action 'He-Man' redo? Not hardly. But it does mean that the film will languish in development hell for several more years, until the studio finds the right creative voices to bring forth a vision they can bank on.

What do you think? Do you want to see a new He-Man movie? Who should direct it? Who should play the title role? Post your comments below...


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fft5305 10/17/2008 8:41:55 AM

I'm not overly upset. Can't see how they'd do this and not have it be a massive cheese-fest.

SoundmanATX 10/17/2008 8:44:26 AM

I most definintely want to see a Masters Of The Universe flick.  Definitely one that stays true to the source material but at the same time, perhaps targets the generation that grew up with He-Man and Skeletor. 

violator14 10/17/2008 9:09:08 AM

I can see Zack Snyder or Guillermo Del Toro doing this one. Too bad....

br003 10/17/2008 10:43:37 AM

Ennh! Stuff like that is mostly a dissapointment from what you remember as a kid. Speed Racer for example. The only thing I liked about the original movie was Meg Foster. I really really liked the new cartoon rerboot. I was gonna say that Warner suits have no imagination for a project like this but Batman and soon to be Watchmen kinda prove me wrong. Maybe there just trying to get it right.

We don't want to see a HE-MAN RETURNS bomb.

eelbonjack 10/17/2008 12:27:39 PM

 If there is never again another HE-MAN movie, then it will be nice to see that somebody in Hollywood has common sense, after all.

Wiseguy 10/17/2008 1:14:39 PM

The script that was reviewed by latinoreview had no cheese at all. It was a fairly serious and somber tone to it. Obviously Orko wasn't part of the deal and it sounded totally kick ass. I suspect that if Thor is a hit it may give them enough courage to make this film.

noahbody 10/17/2008 3:58:49 PM

I agree Wise. What I read seemed like it had potential.

hanso 10/17/2008 5:22:21 PM

Por el poder de Greyskull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BunyonSnipe 10/17/2008 5:52:18 PM

Maybe if they went back to the original pre-filmation mini comics, where He-Man was more of a roving barbarian in a world recovering from a cataclysmic war. Get rid of the whole Prince Adam thing, maybe keeping the character of Adam as the son of the King, but making Eternia civilzation smaller, with Mad Max like settlements...

Adam is lost as a child and considered dead for many years in which time he has gained the powers of Greyskull and become He-Man...

With a little imagination this could be cool, like Conan meets John Carter of Mars...

Unfortunatly there is a fly in the ointment one word that is both creater and destroyer of MOTU...


They would never go for a proper reboot, the 2002 cartoon, which i liked alot became a semi-reboot after the Four Horseman's ideas for a straight continuation of established lore from both the filmation series and 80s toyline that inspired it were turned down by the suits at Mattel...


Nightmare75 10/18/2008 12:22:37 AM

He-Man deserves the right to be made right. Who should direct this new dark action film that does not involve EARTH should be

Peter Jackson. He-Man should be not a hobbit,( figured someone might make a joke here.) He actually should be played by

someone unknown, who has the look and some talent. Although HHH from the WWE possibly could play He-man, He was considered for the new Conan movie.

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