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Warners Going After Bleach

Can Bleach go live?

    March 22, 2010
Source: ICv2

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According to ICv2, Warner Bros. Pictures is in the process of acquiring the rights to make a live action Bleach movie. The news via the Hollywood Reporter indicates that Peter Segal is the one that's working through the negotiations to produce the show along with Viz Media via his Callahan Filmworks production company. Bleach is an immensely popular franchise with over 260 episodes produced in Japan so far, half of which are available in some form in the US, while the manga has hit over 40 volumes at this point while the US release is catching up pretty quickly thanks to some promotion in the last year. The manga franchise continually ranks as one of the best selling manga out there and though the anime is still in repeats on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, it is one of the few anime properties left on the channel with more new episodes due in the summer. Warner is being aggressive with some anime/manga acquisitions with Akira in the works via Leonardo DiCaprio's production company. Rival studios Fox and DreamWorks are producing live action adaptations as well of anime properties with Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell respectively.

Bleach is the story of a teenage boy, Ichigo, who can see spirits and who meets a female shinigami (Soul Reaper) named Rukia. During a desperate struggle with an evil spirit known as a “hollow,” she transfers her power to Ichigo.  Having lost her supernatural powers she is stranded in the human world, while Ichigo must undertake her duties escorting souls to the afterlife. 

You can see the first 117 episodes of the series for free HERE and you you can check out all our past Bleach news and reviews HERE.


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Calibur454 3/22/2010 6:05:23 AM

SIGHHHHHHHH why not just make a animated movie for the theaters instead of throwing money into a dud project. I like Bleach but this just doesnt work for me

reionpremente 3/23/2010 8:05:52 PM

Uh... Refresh my memory but there IS one already.  Warner Bros. is a little slow on the upchuck here.  Just release THAT one already.  Viz sure isn't in any hurry to.



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