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Warren Ellis on 'Transmetropolitan'

By Edward Goodsmith     January 29, 2008

It seems Warren Ellis has made a rare appearance on the somethingawful.com forums which require a 10 dollar charge for an account (keeps the riff raff out… sometimes). During the Q&A Ellis said some interesting things about the oft-rumored but never-happening 'Transmetropolitan' movie.

Here are the highlights from the Q&A, as the were presented in the forum:

Q: Which of your creations would you be least happy to lose control over?

A: Darick [Robertson] and I have turned down countless approaches to do 'Transmetropolitan' in TV and film, for the simple reason that we are going to exercise control and see it done right or it will not be done at all. I would not be happy to lose control over that book. 

Q: Any comments on Patrick Stewart doing Spider Jerusalem for TV/film? [Editor's Note: it had been rumored many years ago that Stewart was interested in doing a web-animation based on 'Transmet'.]

A: It'll never happen. 

Q: More generally, who do you have in mind doing Spider so that it gets "done right"?

A: Darick and I both favour the idea of Tim Roth playing Spider. 

Q: if you had to (as in gun to the head style "had to") have one of your characters made into a movie, which would it be?

A: HAD to? Jesus. Um... 'Atmospherics'. 

'Atmospherics' is one of the numerous Ellis titles available through Avatar Press.

There you have it. For the complete thread visit SomethingAwful.com and check under the "Batman’s Shameful Secret" sub-forum for the “Warren Ellis Q&A” thread. He discusses his opinion on things in the news, the presidential primaries, and status of his books! Exciting for sure.


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