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lister 12/12/2006 10:41:28 AM
PS3 has plenty of potential. Do I wish there was no format war? Sure. But it is too early to count Sony out at this point. I do think PS3 is about $100 too expensive. But that is more a function of the rabid gamers who get their sense of self worth by being early adopters. They will pay that much for the systems in limited supply. Next year, the price will drop. And the system will be comparable to other HD-DVD devices. Once people see that, I think they will opt for a PS3 so that they have the gaming option in addition to high-def movies. I don't see any reason for Sony to release a non-Blu-ray version. DarkJedi, the reviews of the Blu-ray output that I have seen from the PS3 show it is an optimal playback system. So it is ideal for high-end entertainment theaters. That is why it will succeed. And Sony will be willing to lose some money now to give their format the best chance for future success. nadio, Joe Familyman is ready for Blu-ray. This season will see a high adoption of hi-def displays. It is already happening.
DarkJedi_home 12/13/2006 7:03:53 PM
Sounds like your mind is already made up on this one, Lister. There are opinions that differ with you one on this one, especially with people having a game console as the central focus point of their entertainment center. It's a pretty laughable concept for Sony from serious entertainment center enthusiasts who pride themselves on having the best quality home entertainment products for their home movie experience. My opinion is that Sony seriously erred by believing serious people are going to use a product which should be primarily used as a game console as this kind of home entertainment center in their living rooms, your opinion is that Sony is ahead of the game. That's cool. Nothing much new on this one seeing how there has been hyper-raged mudslinging back and forth for years now from PS people vs Everyone else. I'm not going to ask why this is because I never got this kind of mentality. Each game console brings something to the gamers table and each game console has it's faults. From my perspective, a true gamer should have all consoles to sample all games on the market...not limit themselves to just one console. Unfortunately, due to Sony's insistence of pushing abilities alot of gamers are "not" asking for, this kind of play all concept for true gamers go out the window....both in that philosphy and console pricing comparisons.
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