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redvector 1/6/2012 10:15:32 AM

I wouldn't be surprised if the director walks citing "creative differances" with the powers that be at Warners. I thought that 90 mil was too low there's no way a movie like Akira could be done for 70 mil. 

Wiseguy 1/6/2012 11:06:22 AM

Yeah VTG just checked it out, thanks. It was ok but I thought one spoof I saw a while back was funnier where neither Batman or Bane could be understood

millean 1/6/2012 11:20:38 AM

This is totally understandable.  I think this property finds itself in a bit of a unique position, and it is not a good one.  $90 mil does not seem to be a lot for a high SFX movie like this would have to be.  However, the problem is that AKIRA is not a well enough known property here in the US to expect anywhere near $90 mil of box office receipts domestically.

Yes, almost everyone on this site knows what AKIRA is, but there is no way most of the general public would know.  Hell, all that I know about it is that it is Japanese anime and has something to do with a bike.

If they do end up making this movie, I hope they do it right and not American-ize it just to relate better to the movie-goers here.

shac2846 1/6/2012 11:47:05 AM

Dude Wise you should check out akira, the movie and the manga as the movie was seriously condensed. The manga is six volumes it doesn't go on forever like some mangas. It is a good sci-fi action story. 

violator14 1/6/2012 12:32:41 PM

I wouldn't spend 90 Mill on a movie starring Garrett Hedlund. I really can't stand that guy as an actor.

noahbody 1/6/2012 1:38:58 PM

I have no idea what Akira is, anime holds no interest for me... past the cartoons the were amercianized like  Robotec, Battle of the Planets and Voltron.

Balzaak 1/6/2012 5:13:48 PM

All the leaked info about the movie just kept on make the adaption go from bad to worse in the idea dept. Here's the hoping that the halt is simply the good decision to start from ground zero and get it right

ztigr 1/6/2012 6:45:50 PM

 Look at the box office receipts, I'm sure board rooms are questioning budgets all over hollywood.

zipahead 1/6/2012 6:59:18 PM

This is all for the best...American Movie Companies have no understanding of Japanese properties,,,lets see what happens with Godzilla this summer.

CrazyCEO 1/7/2012 12:00:16 AM

They should have said right at the beginning they were making a straight to DVD movie!

The original was when it first came out way ahead of its time.  With the polish up it got a few years ago, it is still a very good animated movie.

If it gets done, I'd rather see it done on a massive scale with at least $150 - $200 Million budget.  If the suits want it for $70 Million then the writers and directors need changing as their vision is quite clearly not blockbuster material.

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