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WB Plans Green Lantern Sequel

Despite lackluster box office returns.

By Jarrod Sarafin     June 27, 2011
Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Hal (Ryan Reynolds) in GREEN LANTERN
© Warner Bros. Pictures

It seems that lackluster box office returns won't spell the untimely theatrical demise for one superhero. At least not while the studio executives continue to believe in it. That seems to be the story coming out of this weekend with Warner Bros. Pictures chief Dan Fellman telling media outlets that they believe in the Green Lantern and will pursue a sequel. So says the Hollywood Reporter who suggest the studio may be “somewhat disappointed” after two weekends at the box office but is already preparing a follow-up with the Ryan Reynolds-led franchise.

With a $200 million budget---not including a very heavy marketing campaign---sources say the studio continues to have confidence in the recent comic adaptation which has pulled in only $89 million after 10 days of release. You can check out the weekend box office numbers here.

Green Lantern dropped a heavy 66% over its sophomore frame and it has some comic competition on the very near horizon, with Transformers: Dark of the Moon arriving in theaters across the globe on Tuesday night.

Sound off down below or whether you wish to see Green Lantern continue.

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Rizing 6/27/2011 3:05:21 AM

Very mild spoilers ahead

Despite the abysmal reviews and the haterade here on Mania, I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I could see why folks complained and I understood it. But essentially, Green Lantern is a story about a kind of a loser who gets tapped to be part of an amazing purpose. I saw the evolution of an unsure and irresponsible Hal Jordan; he can't really pull it together and he has fear issues. Even in the training sequence, Sinestro treats him like a loser. Sinestro underlines the power of will and of fear to Hal Jordan which parallels what Ra's Al Ghul says to Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. Towards the end of the movie, Hal Jordan has this living damnation breathing in his face telling him he's nothing, and he mans up under the weight of those incredible odds. What young man can't relate to that especially in our day and age? As a Christian, it resonated with me in the most significant way knowing the Truth that God is our faith in the way the ring is to Hal Jordan- and with real results as well. But as a fan boy, I was wowed!

Mark Strong is an incredible Sinestro. I wonder if Blake Lively will become Star Sapphire. I do want a sequel.

Green Lantern is the realization of a beloved DC comic book hero come to the screen. While it may not have been executed in the best ways, for me it was one of those movies that still has some merit. It's a lot like X-Men Origins: Wolverine in that respect. So I thought it was successful. Ultimately, it's a coming of age story of a young man who was kind of stuck. For a lot of us men that should really hit home. It's worthwhile for that much.

raa2001 6/27/2011 3:08:02 AM

 Well, I guess they can redeem themselves. Hopefully, they have learned their lesson and will deliver a much better sequel. As a comic fan, I hope to see things work out for this franchise. Theres still so much potential.  How about bringing on a better director?

mikemc2 6/27/2011 3:50:58 AM

GOOD, I liked the movie..

"Haters will hate"

Lsn22s 6/27/2011 4:21:51 AM

Oh come on.....they are obviously saying this to try and float this failure just a BIT further....wouldn't be the first time they said they are "pursuing" a sequel that never gets made (Superman Returns anyone?)......

Also....I finally saw GL the other night, I fulfilled my CBM nerd duty and showed some support....and my god was it an awful movie....it has some of the worst editing and writing I have EVER witnessed on screen, not to mention a severe lack of payoff that lasted THE WHOLE MOVIE....

Sinestro...wasted, Paralax...wasted..., Hector hammonds....literally had my girl and I laughing at every scene he was in (what was with all the girly screaming?)....Amanda Waller....wasted....THE WHOLE DAMN CORPS....wasted.....MASSIVE PLOT HOLES...SPOTTY CGI...CRAPPY ACTING...LAME CONSTRUCTS!?!?!?! Hal had all of maybe 2 cool constructs in the whole movie. The fight with Paralax was soooooooo lame, doesn't matter which one either....after it was over my girl said it was like watching a Syfy original LMFAO!!!!!! What's worse is SHE WAS SO RIGHT!!!!

I gotta say, anyone who actually likes or defends this crapfest either has a blind, undying love for GL or DC, is in complete denial, OR YOU HAVE TERRIBLE TASTE IN MOVIES.....my god it was soooooo bad....we have been cracking jokes about it for days.....

As soon as Hal Jordan crashed his plane the movie turned to GARBAGE...but the first 10 mins. or so were fairly coherent and actually looked cool....but that WAS IT....even with SUPER LOW expectations this movie blew...

I'm sure some of u guys will say I'm a "hater"....whatever....GL sucked hard and i wish it wasn't so....but it did....there IS A REASON it's underperforming at the box office and getting crushed by critics....WB screwed this up BIG TIME...I feel bad for the more intelligent DC fans who can tell the difference between a polished turd and a movie....O well....TDKR and Man of Steel up next....redemption perhaps?

One last thing, if they really do make a sequel, I'm sure it will be better, they have nowhere to go but up with this thing now...so, um....that's something right?

Darkknight2280 6/27/2011 4:26:02 AM

Forget whether people liked it or not....this movie isnt making money! If you dont make money then you dont have success. Even though im a comic book geek  I dont know much about GL and i went in with no big expectations and i wasnt wowed at all. It was meh for me and by the money its NOT making it was that way for the majority of everyone else. The choice for them to move forward with a GL Sequel is a financially RETARDED choice! WB and DC just need to realize that batman is their only bankable character on the big screen.

Darkknight2280 6/27/2011 4:27:22 AM

It dropped 65% this week to $18 million its made a grand total of like $80 million in 2 weeks they are a long way from the $350 million mark! (budget advertising)

Dazzler 6/27/2011 4:52:08 AM

"I KNOW right!"

I am pretty good at quoting it in real life.  The only thing I took from the movie. 


SarcasticCaveman 6/27/2011 5:08:19 AM

 "Somehow, your wires have gotten crossed, so that EVERYTHING looks and sounds like sh!t.  It's a condition we call 'being a cynical asshole.'" ~ South Park

wallyrus 6/27/2011 5:14:57 AM

I just don't understand why people can't naturally think of any movie like this as part 1 of a trilogy.  If you think of this as the first third of a larger story it the "holes" aren't really holes at all.

ElBaz13 6/27/2011 5:34:51 AM

This is odd. Comparing to another green comicbook character.

Green Lantern vs Incredible Hulk.

GL budget = 200 million Hulk = 150 million. Box office. GL = 113 (world) million and not climbing up too fast vs Hulk = 263 million (world)

Yet GL gets the sequel? boooooo........


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