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WE3 enlists KUNG FU PANDA director

Killer cyborg pets get closer to the screen

By Rob M. Worley     December 09, 2008
Source: ShockTilYouDrop

WE3, artwork by Frank Quitely (slideshow)
© Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely

Producer Don Murphy updated ShockTillYouDrop.com about the status of his movie based on Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's 'We3'. The movie now has a director attached in the form of John Stevenson, of the recent box office hit 'Kung Fu Panda'.

"Even though the film is going to be live-action, we brought on the lead director of 'Kung Fu Panda.' He's attached to direct 'We3'," Murphy told the website. He also assured them that the movie would echo the tone of the book. "We're doing it as an R-rating. It's not going to be cutesy. There's killer rabbits and stuff. We're in the process right now of trying to figure out where we're going to make it."

The movie was previously set up an New Line, which has undergone major restructuring this year, having been fully absorbed into their parent company Warner Bros. However Murphy says they're looking for a new home for the project.

The DC/Vertigo series featured an unlikely cross-breed of 'Incredible Journey' (or 'Homeward Bound', for all you younger readers) and 'Robocop' as three domestic animals are fitted with military-grade cyborg parts and made into intelligent weapons. The tormented dog, cat and rabbit flee their military captors, but where in the world will theses weapons of death find shelter?

The book is surprisingly effective, ranging from absurd violence (amazingly rendered by Quitely) to poignant emotional beats.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.

What do you think? Can a story about a robo-dog, a cy-cat and a terminatorabbit work on the big screen as well as it did in the comics? Post your comments below...


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phatts7734 12/9/2008 8:16:59 AM

I love this book, it was short, emotional, loaded with gore, and had interspecies communication through cybernetics. I don't know how this will translate into film, but I'm eager to see what happens. If you haven’t read WE3 go get it.

monkeyfoot 12/9/2008 8:26:50 AM

This sounds like an excellent idea. I haven't read the book but if it keeps the elements that Phatts indicated this could be a great horror film.As often as we (and me specifically) complain about unnecessary remakes and retreads, there are still great ideas out there waiting to be translated to film .

KingOfMelnibone 12/9/2008 10:49:57 AM

Never heard of this as I'm not much of a follower in the comic book/graphic novel world but read them when I hear good word-of-mouth....Sounds quite interesting so I'm going to have to go and pick this up. Would like to see how John Stevenson will do transitioning from animation to live-action (Can't remember off the top of my head if he's done live-action before).

The mentioning of killer rabbit has made me want to go and stick "Monty Python & The Holy Grail" in the DVD player right now.

nemesis1_57 12/9/2008 12:06:30 PM

That sounds like a dumb movie a Dog, Cat and Rabbit in a live action movie. Anyway!  I heard George Eads (of CSI fame) will be the next Captain America.  Congrats Nick.

Wiseguy 12/9/2008 3:31:51 PM

I heard good things when this came out but just never bought into it and have a hard time seeing it translated to film.



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