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jfdavis 3/15/2010 8:05:33 AM

Oh my point was no actor really likes being in the make-up chair for hours on end for one role let alone two... 

SgtTechCom 3/15/2010 10:30:50 AM

Weaving is perfect. He's got the voice and im sure a German Accent is childs play to him.

Agent freakin Smith baby !

Bring it on !

gauleyboy420 3/16/2010 10:14:55 AM

According to so many of you The actor must be from the same country that the character is from, SO The Red skull MUST be played by a german , or a lot of crying fanboys won't be going to see it (yeah right)

aegrant 3/21/2010 7:17:03 AM

someone said Hugo should play Namor - naw that role should go to the roc...er Dwayne Johnson, he looks the part

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