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Weekend Box Office Report for February 9-11

Norbit takes a bite on Lecter

By Jarrod Sarafin     February 11, 2007

Norbit Still
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Hello you box office savvy Maniacs. The estimated numbers for this weekend are in and the choice was clearly made by audiences around the nation as to what they wanted to watch and what they could wait to see another time. This weeks openers was a horror thriller (back story of a pop culture icon character) and a comedy (starring another pop culture icon comedian). One film had inventive ways of explaining a psychopath who likes to sauté people he doesn’t like. The other film had an actor dressing up as multiple characters in comedic happenstance.
Who won?
Norbit did and it wasn’t even close. Nowhere near any sort of competition. The alter ego comedy starring Eddie Murphy came in 1st place at 33.7 mil. It opened this weekend at 3,136 screens and had an average of over 10 k per screen.
Hannibal Rising landed in 2nd place at 13.3 mil, a full 20.4 mil behind the 1st place spot. This is the largest gap of 1st and 2nd places this year. Rising opened up at 3,003 screens and has a running time of 1 hr/57 minutes so perhaps it had less showings per day against Norbit’s running time…Or it could be it just got killed for other reasons. Audiences wanted a comedy, not a serious Dr. Lecter film that didn’t have Anthony Hopkins. Whatever the reasoning, it looks like another great opening for Murphy.
Diane Keaton’s romantic comedy Because I Said So finished in 3rd place this weekend with a 9.0 mil tally. It’s still in 2,529 screens and its total gross is now at 25.6 mil.
The PG 13 horror film named The Messengers scared up 4th place bringing in another 7.2 mil this weekend moving down 4 spots as it was the number 1 film of last Superbowl weekend. The film’s budget is listed at 16.0 mil and its total gross in two weeks is now at 24.7 mil.
Night at the Museum still hasn’t relinquished a spot in the top 5 of our weekend box office reports. It’s been out 8 weeks now and still hasn’t moved below 5th place. The Ben Stiller movie brought in another 5.7 mil bringing its grand total to 232.1 mil. Its worldwide total is etching closer to the 450.0 mil mark.
Epic Movie brought in another 4.4 mil in 6th place to bring its total to 35.4 mil. Smokin’ Aces continues to turn a profit landing in 7th place cashing in another 3.7 mil.
Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth finally increased into 1,000+ screens mark last weekend and it added another 61 screens this weekend so its total 1,148 screens. One can only imagine if they put it on 3,000 screens to begin with. Pan brought in another 3.5 mil in 8th place bringing its total to 26.5 mil. Its budget is listed at 19.0 mil.
Dreamgirls (also starring Eddie Murphy in award nominated status) brought in another 3 mil to bring its total to 97.1 mil. Another 100.0 mil film for Murphy coming soon domestically.
Opening $
Total $
33.7 mil
33.7 mil
Hannibal Rising
13.3 mil
13.3 mil
Because I Said So
9.0 mil
25.6 mil
The Messengers
7.2 mil
24.7 mil
Night at the Museum
5.7 mil
232.1 mil
Epic Movie
4.4 mil
35.4 mil
Smokin’ Aces
3.7 mil
30.8 mil
Pan’s Labyrinth
3.5 mil
26.5 mil
3.0 mil
97.1 mil
The Queen
2.5 mil
49.0 mil
Here’s some back history of this weeks top 2 films.
Hannibal Lecter films:
Opening $
Domestic $
Silence of the Lambs
13.7 mil
130.7 mil
272.7 mil
58.0 mil
165.0 mil
351.6 mil
Red Dragon
36.5 mil
93.1 mil
209.4 mil
2.2 mil
8.6 mil
8.6 mil
Hannibal Rising
13.3 mil
13.3 mil
Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal & Red Dragon all had tremendous success in their box office runs. Still, all 3 of these films starred an actor named Anthony Hopkins. It’s still up in the air if that’s the factor which brought the audiences into the seats for the thrillers. We’ll know for sure by the time Hannibal Rising closes its theater run and the final tally is made.
Eddie Murphy movies with alter ego characters:
Opening $
Domestic $
Coming to America
21.4 mil
128.1 mil
288.7 mil
Nutty Professor
25.4 mil
128.8 mil
273.9 mil
Nutty Professor 2
42.5 mil
123.3 mil
166.3 mil
18.0 mil
66.3 mil
98.6 mil
33.7 mil
33.7 mil
Thrillers involving the character of Dr. Hannibal Lecter have reached a worldwide total of 842.3 mil up to this weekend’s box office report.
Comedies involving Eddie Murphy playing multiple characters has reached a worldwide total of 827.5 mil up to this weekend’s box office report.
There you have it, Maniacs. When matching Eddie Murphy’s alter personality movies against the articulate cannibal himself, it’s really a close call. Actually, when you include this weekend, Murphy just took the lead over the good Dr. Lecter.
Of course, Eddie Murphy still wins the battle in the overall contest.
Here’s some Murphy numbers for you to digest:
Total number of Murphy movies: 30
Average Gross of Murphy movies: 97.2 mil
Total Gross of Murphy movies: 2,916,855,608
Yep, Murphy has 2.9 billion in total grosses. His first starring role on the big screen was in 1982 playing the Reggie Hammond character on 48 Hours. His top grossing movie was Shrek 2 which grossed domestically 441.2 mil and grossed worldwide 920.6 mil.
No. Films
Avg. Gross Per Film
Films Over 100.0 mil
Total Gross
Samuel L. Jackson
63.0 mil
3.7 billion
Harrison Ford
109.9 mil
3.2 billion
Tom Hanks
102.2 mil
3.0 billion
Eddie Murphy
97.2 mil
2.9 billion
Tom Cruise
105.5 mil
2.5 billion
Robin Williams
64.5 mil
2.3 billion
Bruce Willis
52.8 mil
2.2 billion
Morgan Freeman
51.3 mil
2.2 billion
Gene Hackman
35.4 mil
2.1 billion
Mel Gibson
69.6 mil
2.1 billion
If you also look at the fact he’s accumulated nominations for his role in Dreamgirls (another film which has broken the 100.0 mil barrier) and he’s also coming to theaters again this summer in Shrek 3, his resume numbers will continue to climb up that ladder. Once green ogre’s third tale is fully closed out, he’ll probably be past Hanks (3rd place) and very….very close to Ford in 2nd place.  Eddie Murphy’s stock continues to escalate.
Next Week’s Releases….
February 14, 2007:
Music and Lyrics (2,900+ screens)
February 16, 2007:
Wide Releases
Breach (1,400+ screens)
Bridge to Terabithia (2,800 screens)
Ghost Rider (3,500 screens)
Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls (2,100+ screens)
Limited Releases
The 2006 Academy Award Nominated Short Films
Avenue Montaigne
Close to Home (2 screens)
Days of Glory (3 screens)


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jppintar326 2/11/2007 4:27:31 PM
I cannot believe a film that doesn't even look funny in its previews made this much money at the box office like Norbit did. Who in the world went to see this piece of junk? 18-24 year olds with IQs of 18-24? Was Eddie Murphy attempting to make a comedy that makes Harlem Nights look good? If going to see Norbit is considered cool, I would just assume not be. I went to see Hannibal Rising. It wasn't great but I would rather see that again than sit through Norbit.
almostunbiased 2/11/2007 4:37:06 PM
pintar, could you be a little more negative. I'm in a really good mood and I'd appreciate it if you brought me down a little bit. I like Murphy and I'll even admit that I laughed at Harlem Nights, you "twelve sandwich eating bastard". Sure most of his recent movies haven't been that great except the animated ones, but he's a funny dude. Let's stop all that hating. But to be fair I probably won't go see it either nor would I go see Hannibal "let's milk this for all the money we can" Rising.
exfan 2/12/2007 12:26:14 AM
Yes, I agree with Pintar, The worst thing in that story is because of the success we will havce more and more piece of junk coming later. In the other hand, you can see the Pan movie from del toro slowly find his audience, I must say it s a very good movie, even with foreign language the spanish talking match with the atmosphere of the movie...
jppintar326 2/12/2007 4:33:30 AM
Of course I'm negative. Being someone who has a few extra pounds and whose mother is also overweight, I find Murphy's depiction of a fat woman in Norbit offensive. The fact that he handled overweight people with respect in The Nutty Professor movies just adds to it. I wish this practice of thin people putting on fat suits in movies and television would just go away. It wasn't funny when Mike Myers put one on for the Austin Powers movies, Gweenth Paltrow in Shallow Hal, and the list goes on. We consider jokes about race to be offensive, yet we can still fat jokes. It is the year 2007 and it is time for this practice to be retired.
Dazzler 2/12/2007 6:29:41 AM
Yes it's 2007 and the education is out there not to be grossly fat, so fat jokes are still in!
wessmith1966 2/12/2007 7:17:04 AM
Hannibal Rising was pretty awful. There were one or two good moments where the audience saw the seeds of the serial killer that Hannibal would become were planted, but it was pretty much just a revenge movie. It could have been "Death Wish: Hannibal's Revenge." Gong Li looked magnificent as always! I saw Norbit with a group of friends and we all laughed like crazy, as did the audience. For me, this was the first truly funny Eddie Murphy movie in a long time.
ultrazilla2000 2/12/2007 10:00:38 AM
As a chunky guy myself...I understand where jppintar 326 is coming from, BUT Norbit still looks funny as hell! They poked just as much fun at fat people in the Nutty Professor movies, so I'm not sure why you (pintar) say it had respect??? It's all what you make of it. Racial jokes are offensive, yes...but we don't pick our skin color or heritage. We DO choose our eating and exercise habits though. As long as the movie isn't poking fun at all overweight people in general, but focusing on this particular crazy woman, then I have no problem. Oh yeah, and Shallow Hal was a very sweet movie when seen as a whole!
monkeyfoot 2/12/2007 10:45:14 AM
Haven't seen either movie but I'd be more inclined to see Norbit. It looks like the Eddie Murphy of old and I laugh everytime I see the commercials. I have no desire to see Hannibal Rising. It seems it would have made sense to pick a well-known accomplished young actor to star in this film than an unknown to the American public. I have no idea if the story is good, but it comes across as a ploy to suck more juice out of the marrow of a movie villilan icon. Again, Jarrod, a fantastic and well done column.
bjjdenver 2/12/2007 11:22:42 AM
jpp, I agree with your initial comment, who were the idiots that paid to see this movie?? However, as someone who has struggled with my weight, I am more offended by your sensitivity to the subject. I don't want to turn the discussion towards this, BUT I feel that our society is to quick to make excuses for people like us, rather than motivating us to get off our butts and do something about it. I am disgusted by fat people on TV who say they are happy the way they are, I'm sure they would be much happier if they lived a healthy lifestyle. It's always easier to complain about people's treatment of us than it is to just do something about it for our own sakes. As I've grown older, I've seen more and more health problems related to my weight, so I decided to do something about it. No gimmicky diets and pills, just healthy lifestyles and hard work. I know it's not easy, but don't be offended by this "comedy", use it as motivation to improve your self. Best of luck to you and your mother.
bjjdenver 2/12/2007 11:37:46 AM
I love SLJ, but he doesn't belong at the top of this list. Alot of his roles were not only supporting, but very small. Counting the box office of the Star Wars movies as his is ridiculous when comparing him to these other actors. Why don't we use the numbers to show the total of the guy who played chewbacca? or R2D2? What I'm saying is there has to be some qualifying factors to count a movie as "theirs". While I think SLJ is a far better actor than at least half of the guys on the list, he is NOT the box office draw that this list shows him as. That said, very good article and very debatable stats, nice work.
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