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isgrimner 7/11/2011 1:39:14 PM

I'm 20 years in and counting on the Wheel of Time series, as I started that series  very close to when the first book was first published.  Due to that long waiting, I actually held out on beginning ASoIaF because I didn't want to deal with the time between books.  If not for the show, I probably still wouldn't have started untill it was finished.

tjanson 7/11/2011 2:30:02 PM

Well Brooks is ok.  I enjoyed the first 3 shannara books and the first several Landover books but grew tired of him.  Same with Feist...Loved the original Riftwar saga but tried to read his new Riftwar series and its just terrible.  To boot the books are only around 300 pages and they cost close to $30 bucks for the hardcovers.  Even given the fact that i get the books free from publishers I still think that is a blatant money grab and the new series is unreadable.  never could get into Terry Goodkind either.  Read the first two books of his series.  Talk about a bunch of whining characters...Where's Robert E. Howard when you need him!

Sanity 7/11/2011 4:18:07 PM

Hey Tim, have you read Peter F. Hamilton's books?  I know it's sci-fi as opposed to fantasy, but I really look at them in the same light since the tech in the sci-fi may as well be magic.  Pandora's Star and Judas Unchained were an excellent two book story.  And his Void series after that is three books and almost as good.  I've also read Fallen Dragon, and that was a great one-shot book. 

Anyway, I'll be reading Dance starting tomorrow.  Hobbs...how can you wait longer just because the next book will take another 5 years?  I read Crows when it came out.  I'm not waiting another freaking day.

ddiaz28 7/11/2011 8:12:36 PM

Sanity, I seem to remember an article about one of the Void books a while back but I don't remember who wrote it.  Someone also did a review of the Night's Dawn Trilogy last November.  I found the comment I made but I couldn't access the article again.  Have you read those books?  If you liked the Void series you'll love Night's Dawn as well.  It has in my opinion one of the most evil villains in any book I've read.  

I'm' asking the same question to Hobbs as well Sanity.  I don't care how long it takes to get to the next book, I've spent 6 years waiting to read about Danaerys, Jon, Tyrion, and Bran, I'm not waiting another second either.

I know every fan has dreams of how fast Martin will write another one, but he's already stated that he won't have time to even begin until next year.  We'll just have to hope that now that the television series is going, he'll have a tighter timetable to get the last two out before the show catches up.  And that all depends on whether HBO decides to split any of the books into multiple seasons, which I hope they do.  That's anywhere between 4 and 7 years.  Let's hope it helps.

Walker 7/12/2011 5:55:56 AM

For everyone who bitches about how long Martin is taking on this series, I have two words for you:

Jack Vance

and another two:

Demon Princes

ddiaz28 7/12/2011 7:14:56 AM

I couldn't even wait for the book store to open so I bought the ebook on the train to work this morning.  So happy to be reading this series again.  I'll definitely pick up the hardcover later today though.

Hobbs 7/12/2011 7:43:10 AM

Yup, I'm beeching about how long Martin takes to write this series, not actual books.  In my opinion when you write a series you have an obligation to your fans to produce the material in a timely manner.  If he wrote stand alone novels like Thomas Harris who also takes forever to write a book, I could care less how long it took him.  This is a series and the fans who pay for his novels and thus support his life deserve a better time frame. J.K Rowlings and countless others keep it reasonable, I'm not giving Martin a pass on this.  

We can agree to disagree but I do believe writers should have deadlines but once they become best sellers they pretty much tell the publisher when they'll finish.

Only time will tell but unless he released the next book within the next three years I'm sticking to my opinion that he's not going to finish it.  Regardless I'll be buying my first edition as well today as soon as I get out of work.

tjanson 7/12/2011 9:30:11 AM

Martin's problem is that he works on a bazillion other projects in between.  He edits numerous anthologies and writes several short stories.  I think he knows exactly what he's doing in terms of stringing the series out for as long as possible.  The TV series is even going to bring in new readers who will want to start from the beginning.

ddiaz28 7/12/2011 12:47:48 PM

Well we know he used to write quicker.  The first 3 books came out every 2 years.  Then a 5 year wait for Feast and a 6 year wait for Dance.  Let's just hope that trend stops and he goes back to 2 - 3 years.  I think Hobbs makes a good point that as a writer he has, well, I don't want to say an obligation, but he should have the desire and drive to finish the series in a more reasonable amount of time.  At the same time though, he's doing a fantastic job and I'll take them as he writes them and trust that he's doing it as fast as he can without sacrificing quality.

isgrimner 7/20/2011 7:47:09 AM

Well I finished Dance this past Sunday.  I thought it was ok, not as good as Clash or Storm, but not as much got answered as I would have liked especially considering we now have another large wait for the next book, Winds of Winter.    I have only been wating about 6 months for Dance, I may have been a little more dissappointed in it if I had been wating the full time since Feast was published.

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