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Gelatinousman 8/25/2008 2:23:20 AM
Thanks for all the good work. You will be missed.
AMiSHPiRATE 8/25/2008 5:58:05 AM
Working the book shift is a lot less glamorous, a lot more thankless then some of the other sections on this site. Um, so I suppose to maintain that humble diligence for you we the readers can't thank you for all your hard work. It's not that we don't want it. --- With regards to "Star Wars Coruscant Nights: Street of Shadows", does anyone find it a little odd that according to the movies the jedi were all wiped out after the clone wars but that in the books there's about a dozen or so "one-last-jedi-fighting-the-good-fight" running around?
chirop1 8/25/2008 6:49:57 AM
I'm with Gel and AP, job well done on a somewhat thankless task. And yes, you did make keeping up with the latest releases a little bit easier for me. Best of luck with that "real life" stuff. -- AP... I'm in 100% agreement with you. All the books have played a little loose with the fact that the Jedi were wiped out. Starting with Zahn's cloned Jedi in the Empire Trilogy and heading right up to the novels being released today. Ah well. I'm sure this fills the niche of "Star Wars meets Mike Hammer" that I'm sure millions have been clamoring for.
westend 8/25/2008 11:16:36 AM
It's likely that some Jedi survived order66, but were eventually discovered and killed by the time A New Hope takes place, so this book doesn't really conflict much.
Wiseguy 8/25/2008 2:34:57 PM
Pat good luck to you. At least you were doing something that apparently you enjoyed nas well. It is too bad that film and tv have made so many of us too lazy to read a good book.
Hobbs 8/25/2008 4:45:58 PM
Does that mean Mania has a job opening? The Enterprise book interests me. Someone had to come across the no win situation for it to be a test that Kirk would later cheat to win. What pisses me off is this is the kind of story that should have been on the show instead of that stupid shit Berman was putting out. So much potential never realized...though I will say the last season I saw many improvements but Berman wasn't involved as much or so I read and thus you had a better product. Too bad it was too late.
JarrodSarafin 8/26/2008 1:11:31 AM
Pat, you will be missed most definitely. It's been a pleasure reading your column week in and week out since you first arrived. One of the big draws for me back in the mid 90s for coming to Cinescape was they constantly had reviews for genre fiction, some of them serious while others touching upon general fun reads like Star Wars EU and Star Trek novels. Absolutely loved having a place to go to discuss the SW EU novels. Your column has always been a good read for me as well.<br /> And I'm sorta on the point about these Jedi coming out of the woodworks in "The Dark Times" (where Coruscanti Nights take place). There comes a point when authors should stop having more "missed Jedi" appear out of nowhere to become a focus for an individual storyline.<br /> I stick mainly to the Post Return of the Jedi EU series, having wrapped up the Legacy of the Force series a few months back. <br /> Can't wait for Millennium Falcon in October and the rumored Fate of the Jedi series beginning next March. The Falcon novel should just be fun since James Luceno is writing it. Also throw in the tidbit about the Falcon being in Revenge of the Sith (Lucas confirmed that cameo appearance) and this story tieing up why the Falcon was on that landing pad and it should be a cool read. The fact that Karen Traviss is having no part of the Fate of the Jedi series (Allston, Denning and Golden are the authors) is enough for me to throw a party.<br /> Traviss ruined the LOTF series for me with her whole obsession on Boba Fett/Mandalorians and the fact that she retconned Daala, didn't have a clue about Jaina's history and cast the Jedi as boogeymen while propping up her Mandalorians. I'd be hell of happy if LFL and Del Rey just let her focus on writing her Clone Wars novels and sticking to Mandoa stand alones, as is the rumor right now. <br />
AMiSHPiRATE 8/26/2008 6:05:03 AM
Hey Jarrod, way to kiss your sister! - *enterprise spoiler alerts* Hobbs, damn right. Berman wrecked Enterprise in the series finale after a kick ass forth season. What really pissed me off was after jumping ahead six or seven years, the characters remained completely static. Some of them even devolved a little to how they were towards the start of the show. And seriously, killing a character in the series finale just so "the fans would have something to talk about?" How about making a kick ass ender to 18 non-stop years of trek? That'll give fans something to talk about. Not some lame side story crossover to a minor TNG episode.


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