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Weekly Genre Show Ratings (Feb. 11-Feb. 17)

Genre films march up top ten

By Christopher Allan Smith     February 22, 2002
Source: USA Today

RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK introduced the world to that adventuring archaeologist Indiana Jones
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After 21 years, a rerun of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK was still potent enough to charge onto the top ten, while Harrison Ford's more recent adventure, THE FUGITIVE was strong enough to make the top four.

As for the rest of the top ten, see for yourself.

The list reads as follows Genre Top Ten rank, (Overall rank), title, then in parenthesis (Viewers in millions/Rating/Share) [Network].

Here are the top ten numbers:

  1. (9) C.S.I. (special rerun) (13.4/8.4/13) [CBS]

  2. (27) SIMPSONS (11.2/6.1/9) [FOX]

  3. (29) SIMPSONS (special rerun) (10.6/5.9/9) [FOX]

  4. (15) THE FUGITIVE (movie) (10.1/6.9/10) [CBS]

  5. (44) 24 (7.6/4.8/7) [FOX]

  6. (48) RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (movie) (7.5/4.7/7) [UPN]

  7. (66) SMALLVILLE (6.1/3.8/6) [WB]

  8. (71) FUTURAMA (5.6/3.4/6) [FOX]

  9. (71) ENTERPRISE (5.3/3.4/5) [UPN]

  10. (75) THUNDERBALL (movie) (5.1/3.2/6) ABC]


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