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Weekly Genre Show Ratings (Feb. 4-Feb. 10)

Reruns crowd out BUFFY, DARK ANGEL

By Christopher Allan Smith     February 14, 2002
Source: USA Today

ALIAS' Jennifer Garner at the 2002 Golden Globes
© Sue Schneider

New episodes and reruns of the top two shows of this season took up the top four slots in this weeks genre TV top ten, pushing out fan favorites like BUFFY and ROSWELL. Again, C.S.I. and THE SIMPSONS took top honors, along with the action/thriller ALIAS, which saw its overall ranking rise by almost thirty slots.

The return of FUTURAMA was only strong enough to get in with 6.3 million viewers, which may account for the rumors of its cancellation spreading around the web this week.

As for the rest of the top ten, see for yourself.

The list reads as follows Genre Top Ten rank, (Overall rank), title, then in parenthesis (Viewers in millions/Rating/Share) [Network].

Here are the top ten numbers:

  1. (6) C.S.I. (24.6/15.8/23) [CBS]

  2. (16) C.S.I. (special rerun) (17.2/11.3/17) [CBS]

  3. (36) THE SIMPSONS (13.2/7.1/11) [FOX]

  4. (46) THE SIMPSONS (special rerun) (11.6/6.4/9) FOX

  5. (50) ALIAS (9.9/6.1/9) [ABC]

  6. (54) 24 (9.2/6.0/9) [FOX]

  7. (79) SMALLVILLE (6.4/3.8/6) [WB]

  8. (81) FUTURAMA (6.3/3.7/6) [FOX]

  9. (77) GOLDFINGER (movie) (6.1/3.9/7) [ABC]

  10. (79) ENTERPRISE (6.1/3.8/6) [UPN]


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