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Weekly Genre Show Ratings (Jan. 28-Feb. 3)

C.S.I., ROSE RED rule the week again

By Christopher Allan Smith     February 07, 2002
Source: USA Today

Author Stephen King on the set of NIGHT FLIER.
© 1998 New Line Cinema

Like most of the year until now, C.S.I. rules the TV top ten, raising this week in total viewers with a new episode. Close at its heels are the last two entries in STEPHEN KING'S ROSE RED mini-series. Just behind that, almost 40 years after its theatrical release, is the James Bond classic, FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE.

As for the rest of the top ten, see for yourself.

The list reads as follows Genre Top Ten rank, (Overall rank), title, then in parenthesis (Viewers in millions/Rating/Share) [Network].

Here are the top ten numbers:


  1. (6) C.S.I., (23.5/14.8/22) [CBS]

  2. (13) STEPHEN KING'S ROSE RED, (part 2), (18.7/11.0/17) [ABC]

  3. (17) STEPHEN KING'S ROSE RED, (part 3), (16.9/9.8/15) [ABC]

  4. (73) FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE (movie), (7.1/4.5/8) [ABC]

  5. (76) SMALLVILLE, (7.0/4.2/6) [WB]

  6. (69) THE GENERAL'S DAUGHTER (movie), (6.9/4.9/9) [NBC]

  7. (79) ENTERPRISE, (6.5/3.9/6) [UPN]

  8. (82) DARK ANGEL, (6.1/3.8/6) [FOX]

  9. (87) BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, (5.6/3.5/5) [UPN]

  10. (84) ALIAS (rerun), (5.4/3.6/5) [ABC]


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