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Weekly Genre Show Ratings (January 21-27)

C.S.I., ROSE RED rule all

By Christopher Allan Smith     February 01, 2002
Source: USA Today

Fox's favorite clan, The Simpsons
© 2001 Fox

While C.S.I. still rules the TV top ten, even with a rerun, the first part of STEPHEN KING'S ROSE RED was strong enough to slip into the second genre ratings spot. Along with RED, movie entries like DR. NO and ALIEN: RESURRECTION, took spots away from regular genre shows like BUFFY and THE TICK, which fell out of the top ten altogether.

The list reads as follows Genre Top Ten rank, (Overall rank), title, then in parenthesis (Viewers in millions/Rating/Share) [Network].

Here are the top ten numbers:

1. (2) C.S.I. (rerun) (20.7/13.3/20) [CBS]

2. (5) STEPHEN KING'S ROSE RED, (part 1) (20/11.8/18) [ABC]

3. (22) THE SIMPSONS (14.2/8.7/13) [FOX]

4. (29) THE AGENCY (11.4/7.9/13) [CBS]

5. (65) 24 (9.1/5.6/8) [FOX]

6. (72) THE X-FILES (7.8/5.1/7) [FOX]

7. (81) DR. NO (movie) (6.9/4.4/8) [ABC]

8. (85) ALIEN RESURRECTION (movie) (5.7/3.9/6) [ABC]

9. (86) ENTERPRISE (5.7/3.7/6) [UPN]

10. (92) SMALLVILLE (4.5/2.9/4) [WB]


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