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By Blazej Szpakowicz     November 13, 2005

Welcome to thelatest edition of the DCG Artist Spotlight!

Our victim today isWelshcat.

Comics2Film (C2F):What software do you use to make your art?

Welshcat:Photoshop,Poser, Bryce, some 3D Max

C2F:How/why did youstart manipping?

Welshcat:I wanted tosee what were the features of a software package that came witha scanner I bought. This was long before I had Photoshop. Then, out of that,grew the comic pictures some time later.

C2F:What's yourfavourite of your own work?

Welshcat:I don't knowif I have one. There are some pieces I liked working on at thetime - Fantastic Four: End of Days,Elektra,Iron Man and Fin Fang Foom (theObScene theme day pic). I don't know if they'd qualify as favourites though.I did like that last (Supergirl) pic that I did, but that was more because ofthe girl in it than anything else.

C2F:What's your leastfavourite of your own work?

Welshcat:Probablysome of my really early stuff before I got into doing scenes.

C2F:What do youthink is your strongest asset as an artist?

Welshcat:I'dsay my ability to envision and plan out scenes.

C2F:What doyou still need to work on?

Welshcat:Creatingbackgrounds from scratch. That, and using some Photoshop techniques thathave been there on the program for years, but I've never reallyexplored.

C2F:What is yourguiding philosophy as an artist?

Welshcat:I makeit up as I go along.

C2F:What mostannoys you about manipped images?

Welshcat:Overdonemanipulations and all-too-perfect renditions at the expense of characterisationand mood. A picture could be technically perfect, but completely lack anysoul.

C2F:Who are yourfavourite DCG artists?

Welshcat:ProbablyZac,Dperceful,Marcelo Gomes, Essex and Bill Turner.

C2F:Any advicefor aspiring artists?

Welshcat:Copy fromthose you like until you develop a style of your own you're comfortablewith.

C2F:Where do youthink the DCG should be headed?

Welshcat:Maybesome emphasis on sculpture/action figures/customising/photography? Thoseare all art forms, and I'm personally more into photography and customisingthese days anyway, so that would be ideal for me.

C2F:What's yourfavourite comic book movie?

Welshcat:Spider-Man/ Spider-Man 2

C2F:How do youapproach the creation of a scene as compared to the more usual pin-upstyle of manip?

Welshcat:Plentyof planning/research before even starting work on any costuming.See my scenetutorial for more details.

For more of Welshcat's art,take a look at his DCGGallery or visit his website.

Interviewer: Blazej Szpakowicz


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