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We're Off to See the Wizard!

James and Troy hit the yellow-brick-road

By James Stevenson     May 19, 2002

Super Mario Sunshine
© 2002 Nintendo

Has it been a year already? It seems like only a few months ago when I was at the Electronic Entertainment Expo attempting to cover it on a webserver that was up as frequently as it was down. Definitely not my finest hour, not to mention that I was the lone journalist there - covering all of that can be rather daunting.

Fast forward 12 months: I'm flying out to L.A. tomorrow to cover the biggest videogame conference for CINESCAPE. Already my schedule is booked to unreal proportions. I'm covering about as many scheduled appointments with companies as last year, and that's with fellow journalist Troy taking all the ones I can't get to.

Things are a lot different this year. Last time I was only able to make Nintendo's pre-show press conference, whereas this year I've been invited to Sony's and Microsoft's as well as Nintendo's. I've managed to get some interviews and while I'm not getting to talk to Shigeru Miyamoto, you can't deny that Bruce Campbell, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mr. T isn't a bad start. I've also gotten my first invites to the corporate parties. Microsoft and Sony have both asked me to attend their late-into-the-morning affairs and that'll be an E3 first for me as well.

So where does coverage fit in? Well, we'll try to update from the showfloor with major news, and hopeful some updates on your most anticipated games. Obviously with only two of us covering E3 and the stuff going on in the evening, updates will be shaky next week. All the breaking news will be covered immediately, but we'll then spend a couple weeks wrapping up the show and writing about everything we saw. And to answer the e-mails that I keep getting, yes, the E3 EXPERIENCE will be back.

It's a really exciting time for Troy and me; we're both super pumped about getting hands-on time with SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, METROID PRIME, STAR WARS GALAXIES and all the other titles that will be making their playable debut at the show. You can guarantee those games will be getting coverage, but if there's anything else you'd like to see covered, drop me a line and we'll make sure to check it out for you. See ya guys on the flip side!


The Xbox version of GRAND THEFT AUTO III will not be shown at E3... Nintendo has moved up the release of its wireless WAVEBIRD controller to June 10th and lowered the price to $34.95... Ubi Soft has picked up the publishing rights to Rage's ROCKY videogame... Electronic Arts has announced that it will publish SIMPSONS SKATEBOARDING and the game will be shown at E3... Activision will show TENCHU 3 at E3 for the first time... Activision has acquired the worldwide publishing rights to games based on the upcoming XXX movie.


Tough week to make this call, but I'm going to go with WORLD SERIES BASEBALL 2K3 for the Xbox. While the Dreamcast versions were jokes, this one seems to be shaping up nicely and looks like it's worth at least checking out. Our baseball fanatic Troy will have a full report as soon as we get a copy.

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