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Raimi to Produce Poltergeist (Article) - 4/29/2012 6:53:59 PM

 I generally like remakes, but this time I think it's stupid and unnecessary.

Game of Thrones: What Is Dead May Never Die Review (Article) - 4/19/2012 6:32:37 PM

 Arya and Gendry are being taken to Harenhall not Kingslanding.

MacGuffin Holding Up INDY 5 (Article) - 12/13/2011 10:49:27 AM

 I would go for Atlantis.

Kingsley Playing ENDER'S GAME (Article) - 12/9/2011 10:39:47 AM

 Chervil,  From what I understand the Giants Game will not be in the movie, and the first bully might be cut out as well. The Bonzo Madrid fight will remain.

New Journey 2 Character Banners (Article) - 12/2/2011 9:03:12 PM

 Gothic,  It's loosely based on a Jules Verne story, and I"m willing to bet the Nautilus makes an appearance.

Harrison Ford Plays ENDER'S GAME? (Article) - 11/30/2011 10:01:33 AM

 I would rather see Harrison Ford as Mazer Rackham.

First Full Hunger Games Trailer (Article) - 11/14/2011 12:16:00 PM

 The first book is very good. I couldn't put it down, finished it in 2 days. I'm a 36 year old male, so it's more than just a tween story.

DREDD Director Removed (Article) - 10/8/2011 2:12:30 AM

 At least the writer is taking over. Garland is a pretty decent writer, and as producer, he might have been the one that removed Travis.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Teaser (Article) - 9/27/2011 9:14:56 AM

Do not worry VTG,  If you've read the books you would know there is much more titties to come. Especially if the costumes match what the description of her dresses in the books.

Hill Directing SHORT CIRCUIT (Article) - 8/5/2011 9:45:43 AM

 it's been 25 years, I don't mind this remake.


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