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Westworld Coming to HBO

Anthony to Star!

By Robert T. Trate     July 23, 2014
Source: EW

Westworld is coming to HBO

In 1973 novelist Michael Crichton’s jumped from books to the big screen with Westworld. His film featured Yul Brynner as an unstoppable killing machine hunting Richard Benjamin and James Brolin in a Old West theme park. The film was not only written by Michael Crichton, but directed as well. The film today is a cult classic . A remake or reboot has long been discussed in Hollywood, now it seems that HBO is finally getting it done. 

Entertainment Weekly broke the news that Anthony Hopkins will make is first foray into television by joining Evan Rachel Wood (Once and Again, True Blood) for a TV adaptation of the the film. So will Hopkins play the android? No. 

From EW: “In the HBO pilot, Hopkins will play Dr. Robert Ford, described as ‘the brilliant, taciturn and complicated Creative Director, Chief Programmer and Chairman of the Board of Westworld; Ford has an uncompromising creative vision for the park—and unorthodox methods of achieving it.’ Wood plays Dolores Abernathy, “provincial, beautiful and kind. Dolores is the quintessential farm girl of the frontier West—who is about to discover that her entire idyllic existence is an elaborately constructed lie.”

The series is only in the pilot stages right now. However, with Hopkins joining the show and executive producers J.J. Abrams, Jerry Weintraub, Bryan Burk, and producer-director Jonathan Nolan behind the camera, we’ll see something ooner than later on Westworld

Here is the trailer for the original 1973 film:

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CalamityJohnson 7/23/2014 11:36:24 AM

*raised eyebrows

monkeyfoot 7/23/2014 12:07:56 PM

I like the idea of a remake but I'm not sure how this idea will work as a coninuing series.

They need to pay for the image rights to Yul Brynner so they can stiil have him be the gunslinger via CGI.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 7/23/2014 4:00:22 PM

 So she's an android.

Muenster 7/23/2014 5:26:15 PM

What a great idea, but it'll probably end up being like HBO's Deadwood. Only with Androids and lots of Murderous Super Evil Corporate intrique, inuendo and sex. Lots and lots of sex. The subject Robosexualtiy will be debated vigourously and from many positions.

Brodee 7/23/2014 7:48:37 PM

Sounds good; just so long as they stay away from anything related to Future World, the awful sequel. What a P.O.S. that was!

BunyonSnipe 7/24/2014 1:20:02 AM

Westworld was just one of a dozen different 'worlds' so they could do any number of things, the first season could lead up to the story in the movie then the second season could be the company covering it all up...

But yeah it's a pretty good excuse for Roman orgies, Medieval feasting and all sorts of crazy shit, this could be alot of fun!


almostunbiased 7/24/2014 5:36:15 AM

I never saw this movie, almost rented a couple dozen times.  After that trailer I feel like i just watched the whole movie.  Could that trailer give anymore away?  My guess is that these robots will be so real that they don't even know they are robots.  I might give this a try, not excited yet.



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