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DarthBob 5/8/2012 12:33:59 PM

"Remember how WB got Singer when he was the top Marvel movie guy? How about Ryan Reynolds for GL away from any potential Deadpool franchise?" 

How'd that work out for WB/DC? Two more crappy DC comic book movies (Superman Returns and Green Lantern) to go along with Superman III, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin.

Tevii 5/8/2012 12:45:05 PM

You make it sound as if DC characters cant be good movies, and thats just flat wrong. The problem is the moeny people dont let the creatives do their job at Warner.

The Avengers could have just as easily been a JLA movie with same set up

ElBaz13 5/8/2012 12:50:14 PM

Agree those were all turds but they still lured them away.

Even if DC would lure Whedon away to make a Wonder Woman or JLA movie and they would turn out to be turds. The fact of the matter is they would still lure him away and he wouldn't have time to do both an Avengers 2 and DC movie (and more than likely be a contract exclusive like they do with comic artists, writers and inkers).

And yes, DC might have the highest grossing and critically acclaimed movie with TDK (although Rotten Tomatoes 93% just like Avengers) they have also the worst. I would rather sit through a weak Marvel movie like FF, DD or Ghost Rider than a weak DC movie like Catwoman and Steel.

One thing though, we might bash the 80s and 90s Supes and Bat sequels but at the time, I found them entertaining. I guess it's because as comic book fans we had little choice available. Batman and Superman movies vs straight to video Marvel movies. At least now, Marvel has set the bar once again. The ball is in DC's court to one-up the Avengers and I honestly don't think TDKR will be the one to do so.





RedHood2010 5/8/2012 1:01:41 PM

Bingo on your last point ELBaz.  I have been a DC fan and quite honestly didn't know much about Marvel until the 1st X-Men movies.  And those were ok, because Batman Begins came out.  Then X-Men 1st Class, I enjoyed...but once Iron Man came out...Game changer and now we have this new holy grail of movies!  TDKR will be good, but not this kind of good.  Not bashing, but I know there is no comparison between these 2 movies.  When I go see TDKR, I am going to experience the end of a journey, to wrap it up...in a serious tone.

I hope DC makes a serious effort to copy Marvel's blueprint.

hanso 5/8/2012 1:41:27 PM

 To me this mofo didn't do anything that Favreau couldn't have done directing wise but his flick is a success so pay the mofo and go for round 2.

Kaziklu 5/8/2012 2:10:46 PM

 Joss would be horrible at a JLA movie.. most of the charaters aren't really flawed, minus Batman and maybe Green Lantern. 

Joss works because a. he likes killing people. ... bastard.  b. he works well with flawed ensamble casts, like Firefly, Angel, Buffy, and Dollhouse (even though it didn't really work)  and c. because he does well with flawed characters. 

Avengers works because you have... the Demi God.. the Spoiled Demi god defender of men... (not to be confused with the actual Thor who is a little more togeather).Tony Stark, the egotistical, quick witted spoiled rich kid. Capt, the Chip on his shoulder all american hero, the Hulk... being the Hulk, Black Widow.. T&A. and Hawkeye... because you need someone that isn't all that important, to mess with. And of course Nick Fury who is trying to baby sit them all. They are all either fighting each other or Boobs and Ass (jiggle scene) 

Tevii 5/8/2012 2:19:32 PM

I think they are flawed. Wonder Woman is too ready to kill someone. Superman is too good, his naivete becomes a concern and he has a great fear of hurting someone with his strength, that means he holds back. Batman has issues. Green Lantern has an ego problem.  Aquaman could easily have a self confidence problem hahahah or be a snob since hes a king. MArtian Manhunter is a man lost and out of place. Flash is TOO confident. (if its Wally) or too safe if hes Barry.

Their interactions could easily be as entertaining as the Avengers. GL and Batman thats movie gold right there


Tevii 5/8/2012 2:23:59 PM

Aquaman King= Thor, Green Lantern arogance=Iron Man, Batman=Captain/Hawkeye, Wonder woman= Black Widow, Nick Fury= Martian MAnhunter trying to tie them together. Superman=Captian/Hulk.... then near the end Superman has a reason to unleash his strength like Hulk.

If done first this couldve easily been a JLA movie...too late Warner! suck it and change your game plan


McQuestion 5/8/2012 2:25:27 PM

 He was a god to geeks before. He's the damn messiah now.

monkeyfoot 5/8/2012 2:34:32 PM

@Elbaz, you think Steel was a bad movie? It is hands down the greatest comic book movie ever made!!! Shaq was the shiznit! Now that he's not in the NBA we need a sequel now with his Grandma making souffles, too!

No but seriously, As great as everyone wants a JL movie like the Avengers, it would just look like a cheap knock-off if they imitated it. Just as DC and Marvel comics have their own flavor, A JL movie would have to be in a completely different style and texture from Marvel's team film. What and how they would/could  do it I don't know yet. They should probably look to the great JL animated series of a few years ago for inspiration.

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