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Rockhead 5/11/2012 5:18:49 AM

Here's DC Comics issue with making a movie.

Marvel worked hard to place this Avengers movie in our universe. Iron Man and the science he used to build his suit of Armor was the foundation. Followed by the Hulk (a creature of science created as a result of trying to duplicate Captain America's Super Soldier Serum), then Thor (a god that's not really a god, or demi-god as we would normally define them, but an Alien, from a race that "lives forever" that has visited our earth in the past), and finally Captain America. (Created with help from Tony Stark's equally brilliant father and of course Dr. Erskine.)

What Marvel did (and this happened before Whedon even showed up) was build a shared universe. they worked very hard to put these characters into a common world. It wasn't too "far-fetched", and the fact that these characters were all tied together loosely, with cameos in each others movies, that helped cement the fact that in our minds they all lived in the same universe.

What DC has to figure out is what versions of their characters are they going to use.

Superman - no brainer on this. The boy scout. Someone used the word Naivette, and I'm not comfortable with that word. Superman isn't naive. He's fully aware of the consequences of his actions. He just has a strong moral upbringing. He was taught that it's not right to kill (or even harm someone out of anger) for any reason. That isn't naivette. That's strength of character. To me, he's the "Captain America" of the team. He would have to be powered down. Not the guy from the 70's movies that could go back-int-time by "magically" making the world revolve on it's axis in the opposite direction. Best examples would be the current version or the Byrne-post crisis version. That would sell.

Green Lantern - someone compared him to Iron Man. I think that's a great comparison. Iron Man has to be a risk taker/daredevil in order to climb into that suit of armor. Hal Jordan is a test pilot. That's why he's such a great Green Lantern (For the record, whoever decided to make wishy washy Kyle Rayner a GL was out of their mind. He doesn't fit the mold) Hal believes he will win, he will succeed. Just like he thinks he can fly any plane built. He's not worried about a catastriphic system failure when he climbs into that plane. He trully believes he can put it back on the ground, and only bails out as a last resort. That was my biggest problem with the GL Movie. He had doubts. I disagree with that. Hal is a cocky SOB. He doesn't doubt himself. He sucks it up because failure is not an option...

Batman - This is where all the fanboys are going to have problems. Do you go with the "superhuman-grant-morrison" version? (the guy who can't possible be human because he's an expert in every field of science, an olympic level athlete, a billionaire playboy, and member of the Justice League, the man who runs a multi-billion $$ corporation, and... Batman. There aren't enough hours in the day. When does he sleep?) Or do they use a more believable Batman like the one we find in the movies? I vote for the Chris Nolan Version. That version of Batman needs to be the anchor that puts all these heroes in a shared, but believable to the average person, universe. He needs to be human with faults. He can't be the prepared for anything totally-unbeleivable-to-the-average-rational-thinking-person-Grant-Morrison version. You'll alienate the average movie-goer. It will make them all seem to cartoony/comic-booky.

The Flash - He would have to be tremendously powered down. If you think about it, the Flash's powers would make him god-like to the average movie goer. He could stop a fight almost before it starts. There couldn't be any drama. That's what makes him such a hard character to write. No faster than the speed of light stuff. If you didn't want to put him in the Justice League, no problem.

Green Arrow - Like Batman he would be an anchor. You'd have to re-write that hokey millionaire trapped on a deserted island origin.

Wonder Woman - first. I disagree with other people's assessment that the Black Widow was Just T&A. She had a great character. She was smart, able to outwit loki, and the scene where she's "extracting" information from the arms dealer. Brilliant. I loved it. Wonder Woman couldn't just be T&A. She's a heavy hitter. Right up there with GL, Superman and the Martian Manhunter. I would play up the Amazon living in the man's world angle, She would be the Hulk. The member that doesn't really fit in because she's not used to living in "man's world." Maybe this could be the movie that introduces her to "man's world." It's not like you'd have to do a movie to introduce her to the audience. Everyone knows who she is. She doesn't have to be butch (although living on an island of nothing but woman... who knows what kind of effect that has on the culture), I think it would be fun to have her explore this relationship with man. Maybe the pheremones are making it hard for her to hate them. Especially someone as charming as GL.

As for the final characters, it get's a little harder. Martian Manhunter? That may be just "too much" nerdy science fiction for the average movie goer to swallow. The atom? Kind of hard to show him in action, you'd have to constantly cut away to shots of him in action. It would be hard to show him taking someone on in a group shot. You wouldn't see him on screen.

I get the feeling they will want to put a minority on the screen (I'm a minority, hispanic, and would be fine without one, but the problem with DC is that they're gonna have to listen to the stuffed suits at Warner Brothers... and I'm sure this will be a demand.) so maybe

Vixen, Cyborg, Icon, Static, Hardware? I can't think of anyone else that could be neatly added into that equation... They could just make one of the existing characters black or hispanic, or asian..

So to close out. DC has to plan ahead. What characters can be melded into a shared universe that the general public will believe? I mean the plan is to tell a good story, but I'm sure most importantly it's to make money. You don't want them to compare it to the power rangers. It's going to be compared to the Avengers, and ypu'll need to have the humour and the smarts that the Avengers had. And most importantly, you gotta sell the fact that all these people live in the same world.


Wiseguy 5/11/2012 1:08:33 PM

I would think WW more to Thor comparison better, a different world and customs. She is a princess, let's po;lay up the amazonian aspect more ala Thor's viking sort of brute side.

Batman, I don't think it has to be one or the other but a better mixture of the two. A lot of the Wayne stuff is done by Alfred anyway. But yeah the Batman that so many fanboys love, "Batman can beat anyone" is bullshit anyway at least in my book.

That's the problem with some of the DC characters mainly Batman and Superman, they've made them too powerful over time. Superman was never meant to be as powerful as he is but now he is a God practically. I'm ok with the Flash and the others, maybe maybe pull back a little on their powers

DarthoftheDead 5/15/2012 7:42:14 AM

@wiseguy - Wow, I didnt know you had Batman issues, lol.

I know one person Batman cant beat............Parker Lewis..........

zipahead 5/21/2012 11:30:04 AM

All DC has to do is do the live action versions of the JL cartoon.

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