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Whedon on Iron Man vs Thor

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Whedon on Iron Man vs Thor


By Robert T. Trate     May 01, 2012
Source: Yahoo Movies

In a new promotional spot, likely to appear on the Blu-ray and DVD, director Joss Whedon reveals the motivation for the Iron Man vs Thor fight. 

Plot Concept: Continuing the epic big-screen adventures started in "Iron Man," "The Incredible Hulk," "Iron Man 2," "Thor" and "Captain America: The First Avenger," "Marvel's The Avengers" is the superhero team up of a lifetime. When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, Director of the international peacekeeping agency known as SHIELD, finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins.   

Joss Whedon’s The Avengers arrives in 3D, 2D, and IMAX May 3rd 2012.  



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CrazyCEO 5/1/2012 9:05:48 AM

It's not that epic so don't get too excited.  Thor has obviously shaved since his movie and then forgot to grow his beard back in time for his return to earth, which he seems to have forgotten his love for Natalie Portman pretty quickly also.

ElBaz13 5/1/2012 9:29:48 AM

Thanks CrazyCeo.

I strongly value your opinion and decided not to go see this movie on Friday. I've sold my tickets to a few co-workers and said "hey listen, CrazyCeo, you have to listen to this guy...you'll be sorry you bought these"

Once again. Many thanks. You saved me some money and a night to drag my kids at the movies.

Who needs Rotten Tomatoes.

shac2846 5/1/2012 10:17:59 AM

 Hah EIBaz13, and keeping with that note I have decided also not see The Dark Knight Rises based off your equally ground breaking conclusion on other boards about its merits as a comic book movie. Jk, who wants to start that crap again. These flicks are all going to kick ass.

Higgy 5/1/2012 10:28:31 AM

Crazy, can you please zip it.  No one here wants to hear your useless pratter.  Not to mention any spoilers you seem to be giving away.  If you don't like the movie that's fine.  But you could at least wait until we've all seen it before you start blurting things out.

ElBaz13 5/1/2012 11:00:30 AM

That's right Shac. I have no love for the Nolan series but at least I don't go out making stupid comments about the movie and SPOILING IT!!


shac2846 5/1/2012 11:27:31 AM

Yeah they just go onto all the TDKR boards and talk about how shitty it is going to be. I think CrazyCEO and I'm not trying to speak for him by any means is just a little sick of people going onto the Bat boards and whining about the flick. What you are seeing is a guy driven crazy by the whole Avengers vs. Batman thing. Poor guy. And i'm sure you don't make stupid comments, at least I can't think of any, but that doesn't mean there aren't trolls on the bat boards. 

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 5/1/2012 11:36:53 AM

WTF does him having a beard or not have to do with anything? That's a stupid argument and if that's your best argument then you're a moron.  You're crying because Janet Foster isn't in it? How many damn characters do we need? She wasn't in all the comics Thor was in. Is your girlfriend with you ALL the time. Well, I'm guessing like me you can't remove your hands so maybe she IS with you all the time. But you're not everybody.

I hate all these people saying this movie is going to be better than this movie or make more money than this movie. It's a stupid argument and utterly pointless to worry about unless you have a vested interest in the movie because your money is involved in production. I'm equally excited to see all these movies - and Prometheus among a few others. People like CEO are just looking for attention.

Mossy1221 5/1/2012 11:52:31 AM

 hello post?

Mossy1221 5/1/2012 11:55:54 AM

 What gives?  When ever I post some thing about "Spoiled Toes" my post wont go through.   I made 3 attempts on another thread last week and my post will not show up.  And I just made 3 more just now. And nothing. But I can post some thing random such as my above post and it goes through.  


Mossy1221 5/1/2012 11:58:24 AM

 It will not allow me to post r0tt3n tomat0es.   How did you do it ElBaz?

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