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Whedon Talks About Iron Man

By Rob M. Worley     December 12, 2001

Cinescapegot confirmation that Joss Whedon is interested in helming Marvel's IronMan movie and they got it straight from the main vampire slayer himself.

"IronMan is a definite possibility," Whedon told Cinescape."But you know we are talking about a major motion picture, so it won't beany time soon."

Whedon added,"I'll probably end up doing another series before I do a feature justbecause of the time a feature will take and my deal with Fox. I'm looking to doa hard science fiction show."

Last September Comics2Filmreported that Whedon was in talks with the producers of the movie to write a newscript for the movie and direct the picture as well. That Whedon calls theproject a "possibility" contradicts recent internet rumors whichclaimed he had recently signed on to the project.


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