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Mania Grade: B

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  • Art Rating: B
  • Packaging Rating: B
  • Text/Translation Rating: B
  • Age Rating: 13 and Up
  • Released By: Viz Media
  • MSRP: 8.99
  • Pages: 208
  • ISBN: 978-1421526591
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left
  • Series: Wild Ones

Wild Ones Vol. #06

By Danielle Van Gorder     April 28, 2009
Release Date: March 03, 2009

Wild Ones Vol. #06
© Viz Media

An old childhood friend comes back into Sachie's life in the most unexpected way, leading to some unforseen strife.

Creative Staff
Writer/Artist: Kiyo Fujiwara
Translation: Mai Ihara
Adaptation: Mai Ihara

What They Say
Sachie Wakamura just lost her mother, and her estranged grandfather has shown up to take care of her. The only problem is that Grandpa is the head of a yakuza gang! Sachie tries to continue living her normal life, but she can't run far since Rakuto, one of the most popular guys in school, is part of her grandfather's gang and her new protector. Soon, Sachie finds herself falling for her bodyguard. But she's the granddaughter of Rakuto's boss, so he can never show his feelings for her. Can Sachie find a way to fit into her new family and seize her chance at romance?

A new school year starts, bringing a new teacher to Sachie and Rakuto's class. He seems to be a breath of fresh air and enthusiasm. But he has a secret past and harbors a wish for revenge against Sachie. Now he threatens to reveal Sachie's family secret and have her run out of school!

The Review!
It's the first day of the new school year, and Sachie is shocked and delighted to find that an old friend of hers is at her high school - and in her class, no less!  But it's even more of a shock to find out that Chi-chan is actually her teacher and not a fellow student.  To say he looks a bit young and innocent would be an understatement, but in reality he's anything but.  He's also the son of a yakuza family, and had to change schools when a much younger Sachie inadvertently blabbed the truth to some of his classmates.  He's got revenge on his mind, and the only way to keep him from spilling the truth about Sachie is for her to beat him in something.  The only problem is that he's just better at absolutely everything!

Gang life isn't for everybody, but the bonds are forever.  When a former gang member comes to the family asking for help with his failing restaurant, Sachie feels obligated to help.  But she goes a bit too far when she takes on the entire debt that they owe to an unscrupulous loan shark personally.  Determined to pay back what they owe, they work to transform the restaurant and restore it to something spectacular.  Azuma and Rakuto are using the restoration as a bit of a competition of their own, since Azuma has decided that the current way things are is unsatisfactory.  He wants to confess his feelings to Sachie, but - what is it that Rakuto wants?  And when Rakuto betrays the family, what justification could there possibly be?

This series is such a mixed bag - it has so much potential that it sometimes manages to live up to, while other times the series falls short.  This was, I think, one of the better volumes, although it would be nice for Azuma and Sachie's relationship to take even a little step forward to break the current stalemate.  If you liked the earlier volumes, this one isn't likely to let you down.


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