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Will AVENGERS take down HULK?

Marvel prez says it "would be very cool to see that"

By Rob M. Worley     October 21, 2008
Source: MTV Splash Page

The Hulk in THE INCREDIBLE HULK (2008).
© Universal Pictures

Marvel fans, be they old school or contemporary, know some version of the formation of 'The Avengers' and, invariably, those heroes have to band together to stop a rampage by the Incredible Hulk. So this battle will appear in the movie version of Marvel's flagship super team, right?

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige recently declined to confirm this potential storyline for MTV Splash page, but strongly hinted that it was possible.

"Here's the thing — it is all in the planning stages, but certainly if you look back to any number of ‘Hulk' comics, or 'Avengers' comics, or 'The Ultimates' comics or the 'Ultimate Avengers' DVD that we released, it certainly makes a hell of a sequence," Feige said of the anticipated battle.

"To have all of the Avengers going up against a green goliath?" he teased. "I think that would be very cool to see that on the screen."

In the same conversation, Feige also said there are no immediate plans to do another 'Hulk' movie.

What do you think? Is a Hulk take-down essential to the Avengers movie? Should there be a larger threat besides mean green? If so, who should be the primary villain? Post your comments below...

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AMiSHPiRATE 10/21/2008 6:38:50 AM

 Mark Miller hasn't made enough money with comic book to movie adaptations.  Do Ultimates II on the big screen.  Make sure to include the Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk side story (it's probably the quickest way to us seeing how that ends).

bigthor 10/21/2008 6:54:42 AM

Hulk barely could defeat abomination in his own movie, besides that movie showed that HULK was a hero and not a monster, even the cops and the army at the end of the movie let the HULK go because they realized he was good.

It would be cool to see the avengers taking on the HULK but it definetely would not make sense with the hulk movie...sorry.

i rather go with the ultimate avengers storyline , and I rather see the HULK figthing side by side with the CAp and metalhead..


silversurfer 10/21/2008 7:59:43 AM

If not The Hulk, it would be interesting if they could get Ultron on screen, that would be a definite story worth telling....or if they are going to go with the Ultimate Universe of stories, they can go with the Chitauri storyline....that would be interesting as well...I don't think that Hulk fighting the Avengers would be worthy of a WHOLE movie...but I could definitely see it being a problem for them DURING the movie....that would make for an awesome story...

Imagine, after defeating whomever, they have to deal with a Hulk that is still ready to smash and destroy....and they're next on his short list, just because they're there? 

captm0rgan77 10/21/2008 8:22:23 AM

I think the Ultimate Avengers movie came together pretty well.  I'd like to see the team form up to stop the Hulk.  Kind of like how after the Hulk was known, widespread, than the government kicks in the Avenger Initiative to prevent further problems like this.  And you can see in history of comics that there is always a way to get two "good guys" to fight each other.  Maybe Banner get captured and they try to bring the Hulk out cause they want a sample of him and in doing so loose control so the Hulk's trying to escape, the Avengers are called together to contain the mess, not telling them why Hulk is rampaging, so the Hulk thinks the Avengers are trying to contain him too and fights back.  Some member of the team see the patterns and let him go and then you have a chain of command problem with why this and why that.  The whole blindly following orders routine.  I wouldn't want it to be the center of the movie though but maybe a taste of how the Avengers work and how they see that they need to improve on their skills as a team.  Then bring in a major situation that the Avengers have to deal with and towards the end when they see that they may not overcome Hulk comes in and lends a hand, cause he is a good guy after all.  Then we can end with a promise from Fury to Banner that they'll help him with finding a cure to rid him of his burden and he agrees to join the team as a science officer not knowing that the higher ups see this as an opportunity to unlock Banner's secrets.

Shit.  I should be getting paid for this.  Or . . . maybe I am. . . .

amateurscientist 10/21/2008 8:36:21 AM

to essentially film a big budget, live action version of the first half of THE ULTIMATES?

hell yes!

that comic was "shot" (drawn) in what's being called these days in comics  "widescreen". that was like the best superhero movie directed by John McTiernan (director of the original DIE HARD and PREDATOR) with an unlimited budget and all-star cast.

do I think they should give that one a shot? SURE DO. go for it. doesn't matter that the cartoon/animated feature jumped the gun and gave the story away. doesn't matter that it's essentially "been done." cause it's a GREAT GREAT story, it folds all the characters together, helps us see Captain America's conflict in the modern age, and forces the very different group of people together for a common cause...

from there, if they can then bring the sequel to encompass that second half of the first ULTIMATES series... well, then it could be the best of the best. so here's hoping, it's a long way off, but it would be GANGBUSTERS if they could pull it off!!!

br003 10/21/2008 9:22:28 AM

I have an overwhelming fear of the Avengers turning out like that half assed justice league on Smallville. Sorry but I've never liked Krypton 90210.

fuckyoumania 10/21/2008 10:42:00 AM

Should they fight the Hulk? Definitely.

Should that be the whole movie? No WAY


The fact that at least four of the characters will have their own introduction movie before the Avengers, I will be royally PISSED if I have to sit through a two hour origin movie. Unthaw Cap, get the Hulk smashing up stuff and then assemble the Avengers within the first hour, letting the second hour or so be the main villain plot (and of course, at that point have Hulk be a "good guy")

LadyBrowncoat 10/21/2008 11:10:21 AM

 I dunno...I for one would love to see an Ultimates film, but I think it might be too far off the mainstream path for Hollywood to take a chance on it.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 10/21/2008 11:24:37 AM

What I think they should do is forego a Hulk and Iron Man sequel and just make a movie combining the two (ie. Iron Man vs. the Hulk) and that would make a perfect setup to the Avengers movie.  I mean if it's just the Hulk versus the Avengers I don't know how that'd play out for a two hour movie.  It's not like Hulk goes around hatching diabolical plans that could set a story.  He just smashes shit when he gets upset.

DarthDuck 10/21/2008 12:47:58 PM

well put Mr JBE

I think Hulk vs. ..., is a better idea than forcing a whole new Hulk film.  There have been rumors of Hulk popping up in Iron Man 2.  Tony trying to work with Bruce and then Bruce Hulks out.  That I think would be better than a whole movie of Avengers vs. Hulk.  And tony could break out the 'hulk buster' armor.

And as silver surfer suggested, I would love to see Ultron as the main baddie for the Avengers movie.  With Ultron you have the makings of a great fight scene, with the possibility of someone behind the scenes, pulling his strings like a Baron Zemo, or Red Skull.

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