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Will Marvel make a movie for 2009?

By Rob M. Worley     February 20, 2008
Source: www.hollywoodreporter.com

Marvel, the full-blown film studio, has two movies coming out this year. But have labor disputes made it impossible for them to produce a theatrical release for 2009?

The Hollywood Reporter checks in with Marvel big wig David Maisel, who admits the writers strike may have slowed things down enough to hamper the studio from releasing a self-produced pic next year.

Following the self-produced 'Iron Man' and 'Incredible Hulk', Marvel had hoped to launch 'Ant-Man', 'Captain America', 'Thor' or 'The Avengers' next.

"We're working right now to get the preparations ready to have a chance for one film in 2009," chairman David Maisel is quoted as saying, during Tuesday's earnings call with analysts.

"Regarding 2009, we have been obviously affected by the labor situation in Hollywood," he continued, speaking of the much-discussed WGA strike and the impending SAG actors strike.

Of course, 2008 looks to be a gangbuster year for the new studio, and work continues on the lucrative direct-to-DVD animated feature slate. Further, 2009 will see the release of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' and 'Punisher: War Zone' , but those movies are the productions of 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate respectively, on license from Marvel.


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