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Will Smith talks BAD BOYS 2

Promises big laughs in second installment

By Christopher Allan Smith     July 03, 2002

Will Smith & Martin Lawrence in BAD BOYS
© 2001 Columbia

While doing press for today's MEN IN BLACK 2, Will Smith gave us some quotes about what audiences can expect from another sequel to one of his previous hits.

The film? BAD BOYS 2, the sequel to the 1995 Michael Bay cop film which partnered Smith with fellow comedian Martin Lawrence.

What's the word from Willie?

"The first film was purely Martin and I having chemistry," Smith told CINESCAPE. "[Director] Michael Bay shot it brilliantly but the story was really lacking. It was just a team buddy comedy that really worked. Michael Bay wants to make sure this one lives up more dramatically than the first film... It'll definitely be funny. We aren't going to mess with the comedy that's mine and Martin's responsibility."

The film begins shooting in August.

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