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Will somebody do something about this? PLEASE?

5/1/2008 10:08:59 AM permalink

I cannot stay silent on this any longer.

If I wanted to study how to design a webpage,
particularly one with many elements attached to
it, then I would go no further than to compare
one that succeeds, versus one that is, well,
trying to.

Understandably, design includes, not only
a clear display of content that avoids
the risk of clutter, but employment of a
smooth, thematic style that does not
irritate the irises on one's eyeballs,
or make one feel more comfortable staring into
the gaping maw of a final exam on Quantum Physics.
It should be distinctive.
It should have that uber-cool uniqueness
that makes you want to visit again.
However, it would be all too easy for me to
name the one I'm talking about that sucky;
one that currently shows a display that is,
how shall I say, akin to witnessing an epilectic
wrestling match between claustrophobia and
schizophrenia, with fingers clawing
each others neckbone, desperate to rip out
and gnaw on the opponent's cerebral cortex
like a twizzler, eager to mash and crack
the ribcage, remove the heart and perform
a flamenco dance on it, all for the sole
purpose of gaining a timeslot from your
attention span.

This particular website has, fortunately,
a devoted fanbase that continues to thrive.
It has its loyal fans and its steady reputation.
It has character, as well as devoted
bloggers, writers, and developers working hard
to put out hip and relevant content. Bravo there.

But one wonders if someone on staff was
short of cash, and decided to hire
the tattooed dude from Memento as the new
web designer, instead of one with
an eye for art, panache, and general common sense.
Visiting this website, you are thrust headlong
into a world of overlapping images,
gif files, slideshows unsure whether to stay
within the lines of a frame,
and a long column of boxes you'd have to scroll-scroll-scroll down to visit.
It's width is an enigma,
teasing you with the idea that
it might go on forever in either direction.
In short, it's headache inducing.
It's a jumbled mess.

It's aweful.

For once, instead of complaining about
movie-ad popups that try to attack and slash
your soft-touch screen, it's about the
new designs being applied here.
Now, if the attempt is to mirror the soul
of this site's moniker, then I'd say that
they've far outdone themselves.
Confusion is the bed insanity loves to sleep in.
And just trying to stare at this main page
is enough to make me think it is content to do nothing more than fluff the pillows,
and dream nightmares for pure fun.

Now, if I was to go to RottenTomatoes website,
sanity returns. Everything is evenly placed,
and spaced, accordingly. There is beauty
in discipline. Labels are clear,
with nothing overlapping. The top menu bar
is in plain view to all in large letters
that are pleasing to behold,
adhering to that treasured bit of wisdom:
keep it simple, stupid.
I don't have to scroll forever to reach
favored segments, or wonder why everything
looks so squished together like a stack of shoeboxes. At RT, not only does this tell me that
the website designer respects the
contents it serves to display, but it shows
that it respects the audience that comes to visit.

But getting back to ugly, unless its
main webpage changes to something
far easier on the eyes,
whatever plans the owners had to making
this place standout as something special
in a sea of movie fansites, those plans
were rightly kicked hard to the groin
with a hard-a$$ steel-toe boot.
It's the gaudiest F-U to surfers and movie fans yet.

Okay fine. I understand that I should wait
until the design is finished. But really.
It's like asking me to tolerate getting
an eyesore with each visit to this site.
It's just not welcoming. It's more of a deterrent. And what's worse is that I'm afraid of what
this place will look like
once everything is done (or is it?).
Once finished, will this arthritically
twisted cave of batshit be worth hanging
upside down in?

Just like that new title for the X-Files sequel,
I want to believe. I really do.
But my faith is waning. The hemorrhaging
is bad from the loss of common sense.
There's blood on the dance floor, and the DJ
is too busy picking his nose to change the music.

And for the record, regardless of whether
this thread is moved or not, I'm posting it in a
blog that is unforgiving as it is determined
to kill paragraph breaks for easier reading;
yet another ugly side-effect of the designs being
placed upon this wonderfully gregarious website
that doesn't even have the good sense to
on the corner to let others know the design
is still under transition.
Instead of courtesy, the designer is content
to let the visitors to this site just simply DEAL.

How rude.

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