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Will Superman Return (Again)?

8/23/2008 6:01:04 AM permalink

DISCLAIMER: I should state here I'm not a walking encyclopedia on Superman. I have seen the movies. I tune in for Smallville and own the dvd sets. I also own a few copies of the Death Of Superman comics. I was also a fan of "Lois And Clark" back in the 90's.

And that's it.

I'm not pretending to say "oh I'm a know it all and I'm so much wiser than the lot of you and therefore I know what should become of Superman."

In a sense, concerning the mythology, I know nothing. As a self taught screenwriter\storyteller, I know story arcs, development, and prefer craftsmanship over running from plot point to plot point.

I also don't claim to be the best when it comes to crafting a story, so just stick around. I know what I like and works best for me and my work, though.

Now read on....

I only just now read the article (and responses) for Warner Bros. rebooting Superman. I, too, feel it's a bad idea. I just don't like the idea of rebooting anything, that's sort of like cheating, or a 5 year old throwing a tantrum when they don't get their way.

I don't see how you can make Superman darker? How can you be dark when you're in a big red cape and tight blue pajamas with your equally red knickers out for the whole world to see?

We're getting a general theme in movies\television where "darker is better." I don't buy that. I won't deny a darker tone can help set a certain ambience and psychology about any given project, but it always comes down to the story, stupid.

If all you have is a mood, you've got very little to offer. It's like rap music: if all you've got is the beat of a flat tire doing 35 down the interstate, well it's just not music.

Any psychological turmoil shouldn't come from the Superman aspect, I say. It should come, obviously, from Clark Kent. Beat up the man, not the icon.

Honestly, consider your day to day lives: disasters happen, drugs are founds, people are lost, etc. Now ask yourself, if you could fly away, would you? Wouldn't Superman be your way of flying away from your miserable existence? To feel something resembling happiness again?

What if Clark's so lost in his depressions or whatever he just gets tired of living up to everyone else's expectations and says "to hell with this" and goes into a self imposed exile?

And then after he wises up he comes back better than ever.

Now I know this isn't an original story arc. But, honestly, can you tell me when you last saw one? We all are aware they're just doing this cause MOODY = MONEY. When the formula reads SHINY = MONEY, you know that's the direction it would go.
To me Clark would be more interesting. (And I don't want whiny like poor miserable Peter Parker, boo hooing all the damned time about Mary Jane, about school, work, etc.)

And while Clark's off being all dark and moody, Supergirl can take care of things.

Help, Supergirl! I can't get my pants off! The zipper's stuck!

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