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tiredjay 11/22/2010 11:14:42 AM


Clark's only in Africa for the first act of Birthright.  The actual villain of the book is Luthor, and not the real estate scamming Luthor of the previous movies.  Mind you, there's also a way to work Zod into it, too, which is sort of obvious to anyone who's read Birthright.  (That is, if the synopsis is legit.)

jfdavis 11/22/2010 11:50:24 AM

No, I obviously haven't read the story...A more sinister Lex Luthor would be OK I suppose but the most interesting Luthor to me is the one that wants to reconnect with Brainiac which is way too complicated for a first movie... 

Betenoire 11/22/2010 12:16:19 PM

Glad to see Hornet will be treated with the same respect The Shadow was.

Any other classic heroes who can be thrown under the bus?

*sigh* I was so hoping this would be more than what it seems it will be.

wessmith1966 11/22/2010 12:23:41 PM

Green Hornet...They're going to make the trailers look good and push the hell out of the film before it hits the theaters because the movie is going to tank and the producers want to bank as much as they can in the first weekend. This movie is going to be the next Land of the Lost, Lost in Space, etc...

Superman...What the F? Idiotic storyline. Why does WB have such a difficult time putting a good Superman movie together. It's not freakin' brain surgery.

Looking forward to the new Wolverine movie.

Wyldstaar 11/22/2010 4:06:31 PM

When it comes to Superman, I can't help but wonder what sorts of bizarre requirements are being put on the script by the producers.  After hearing the nightmare that John Peters caused for Superman Lives, I wouldn't put anything past WB.

axia777 11/22/2010 6:23:53 PM

 Dredd looks awesome!@@

Superman - 

"Clark Kent is a freelance reporter in his early 20's, traveling all around the world covering various news stories. However, Kent is forced to fly back into action to attain a fleeing assassin instead of covering an ethnic conflict between the Ghuri and Turaaba clans in West Africa. Upon his return to form, Kent returns to Smallville to learn more about his origins and become the hero he was born to be."

Are you FUKKING SERIOUS? THAT is the idea for their new Superman movie? LAME LAME LAME LAME LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUKK YOU ZACK SNYDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Superman movie ideas beat the living SH*T out of theirs!!!!

Ifg that is really what is going down in the new Superman movie then YOU SUCK MONKEY BALLZ ZACK SNYDER!!! Out of ALL The things POSSIBLE this the BEST that they can comer up with?? I want to KILL SOMEONE RIGHT NOW. >:(

Smallville?  LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thorn 11/22/2010 6:30:56 PM

For Superman, I dunno, but knowing that Nolan is behind this really re-assures me. I like Snyder too, I appreciated his take on Dawn of the Dead quite a bit and I even really enjoyed Watchmen - but Nolan? 'nuff said.

Right now however - even if bits of The Dark Knight Rises are (slooooooowly) surfacing, it's Nolan so I doubt he would end his epic trilogy with a dud - The Wolverine holds most of my attention. Thank you, thank you, thank you, but please Darren make this one good. Go majestic, go Kurosawa on our asses, make us scream and cry.

Wyldstaar 11/22/2010 6:40:45 PM

Whoa there everybody, take a deep breath.  Superman is a big budget franchise of WB, a studio which is notorious for not allowing their directors to do whatever they want.  We have no way of knowing if this story element is Zack's idea, or some studio guy's (again, see the John Peters debacle on Superman Lives).  Besides, this isn't exactly a crazy notion.  It's taken directly from one of the better Superman stories of the last ten years.  In a movie format, this part of the story could easily take up no more than the first fifteen minutes or so.  If memory serves, only the first issue of that mini-series took place in Africa.

axia777 11/22/2010 7:58:34 PM

 It is still LAME.  They should go epic but instead the are going back to Smallville.  LAME.  I don't care if it is Nolan and Snyder.  Them going "back to Smallville" tells me exactly where they are at with Superman.  My excitement level has gone to zero for the new Superman in one day.  So fukking lame.

meimeiyy 11/22/2010 8:06:26 PM

No, I obviously haven't read the story...A more sinister Lex Luthor would be OK I suppose but the most interesting Luthor to me is the one that wants to reconnect with Brainiac which is way too complicated for a first movie...

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