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Willard Voices Captain RibMan

By Rob M. Worley     July 10, 2002

Comics2Filmhas learned that legendary comic-actor Fred Willardhas been cast as the web's most inappropriate superhero Captain RibMan!The character's co-creator Rich Davis confirmed the involvement of the former Fernwood2Nite Co-Host.

Less than a yearago the Hollywood trades reported that a television pilot script, penned byDavis and Captain RibMan co-creator John Sprengelmeyer, had beencompleted. The duo's reps at The Endeavor Agency then started encouraging themto develop a couple of animated pieces to showcase the clueless Captain. 

"A guy thatwe've always loved, Fred Willard, dida cartoon with us a couple of years ago. He's a fan and it was great that hesaid that he would do Captain RibMan's voice," Davis told C2F.Willard has a vast body of work and has made regular appearances on "TheTonight Show." He may be best known for his roles in a trilogy of ChristopherGuest movies, This Is Spinal Tap, Waiting For Guffmanand Best In Show (for which he collected awards for his hilariousrole as an off-color dog show commentator). 

"WhenEndeavor suggested we do a couple of animated pieces that was the first guy wethought of. To us he's always been Captain RibMan."

The animatedshorts are taken from segments of the pilot, which sets up various characterswho  would appear in the show.

One character isRibMan's youthful ward Billy Boyd. "The shtick with Captain RibMan andBilly is that Captain RibMan is an inappropriate role model. So you've got thissweet, Beaver Cleaver-like kid asking these questions of his hero and it alwaysends up getting a little twisted," Davis explained.

"What we'veset up is that Captain RibMan is going to end up living with Billy in thisincredibly expensive home because, through his so-called heroics, he basicallyalmost had Billy's parents killed," the comic creator continued. TheCaptain becomes the boy's live-in, would-be bodyguard while the parents are recuperatingin body casts.

"Of course,all kinds of mischief ensues as we watch things that no father or mother wouldever let an adult do with their sweet, innocent kid," David said.

The villain ofthe piece is Dr. Deathy McSeltzer, an evil clown-turned-dentist. The logicbehind this character is obvious. "Those are the two things kids fearmost," Davis explained.

The otheranimated short will feature Captain RibMan hawking one of his many misguidedproducts. "He's going to help cure [playmate] Shae Marks of anailment," Davis said.

The Captain isno stranger to sexy women, having previously done videos with Neriah Davis andBrooke Burke. "That's what we always thought was so funny with CaptainRibMan. All these hot babes like Neriah Davis, Cindy Margolis, Brooke Burke arealways doing stuff with him but he's too dumb to have a strong interest or topursue them," Davis commented on RibMan's lack of charm. "On the NeriahDavis thing the joke was Gary Coleman was refereeing midget wrestling ontelevision so he wasn't going to show up for dinner with her."

Althoughsuperheroes are hot right now, Captain RibMan may have his work cut out for him.Comedic heroes haven't fared well recently, with under-appreciated fare like MysteryMen and The Tick falling by the wayside. Davis sees oneimportant difference.

"With TheTick, which we love by the way, the joke is always about superheroes. Werarely go for the superhero humor," Davis explained. "Our guy justhappens to have a cape and tights on. He's really just an inappropriate rolemodel."

Work on theshorts is underway, with Willard already completing some of the voice-work.Although the primary purpose is to generate interest in an ongoing CaptainRibMan animated show,  Davis also said fans canexpect to see the shorts online.

Thanks to Sneaky Keithfor the inappropriate tip-off.


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