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Willem DaFoe green again in 'Spider-Man 4'?

    April 18, 2008
Source: www.ifmagazine.com

Is Willem DaFoe up for a fourth appearance in the 'Spider-Man' franchise? iF MAGAZINE spoke with the actor and put the question to him:

"It would depend on a lot of things not just on schedules that stuff can get worked out. It would depend on who is involved and what they want me to do. I feel like I was slowly exiting. The first one was fun to do, the second one there wasn’t much to do, but I did it because I like Sam [Raimi], and then in the third one I was a shadow," Dafoe said. "I can’t imagine unless there was something to do like a resurrection that they did in the comic book that would be fun to do. Never say never though! "


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