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Roqueja 1/21/2013 10:59:08 AM

Video is unavailable for my location.  Beauty eh?

violator14 1/21/2013 11:03:55 AM

 The only thing i got from this was that Jamie Chung is Miho now...... bazing!!!!

axia777 1/21/2013 12:26:37 PM

All I know is I don't need to know anything else.  Just hook me up with the movie all ready!  =D  This is going to kick SO much ass!

Wyldstaar 1/21/2013 12:46:48 PM

Now a movie like this seems like it would work really well in 3-D.  I always skip the 3-D version these days, but I'll definitely check it out for Sin City.

silversurfer 1/21/2013 12:50:18 PM

 It should be fun....I actually liked the first one very much!

InnerSanctum 1/21/2013 3:44:19 PM

 Interested to see what compacity Willis will play in the film since he spent a majority of his life locked in a little tiny cell.  

Wyldstaar 1/21/2013 5:09:52 PM

No, he spent most of Nancy's life in a cell.  Willis' character was old enough to retire the day he saved Nancy.

Wiseguy 1/22/2013 4:23:12 AM

I just want this to be good but RR seems to be running on empty lately

xJokersxWildx 1/22/2013 7:15:05 AM

Nice Bruce returning i was hoping . It will be awesome now.

MrEt 1/22/2013 8:05:52 AM

I hope this is more of a one story thing then alot of slightly intertwined stories

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