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Winner: 'Blood +' on DVD

By Rob M. Worley     June 10, 2008

Updated June 10

Congratulations bradwitzel172

You're in and you win!

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The world can never have too many vampire hunters in it.

On March 4th, one of the great ones returned in the epic anime DVD 'BLOOD +'!

Buy BLOOD+ on DVD today!

Based on the award-winning anime 'Blood: The Last Vampire,' 'BLOOD +' is the continuing story of teenage swordswoman Saya Otonashi and her epic battle against the Chiropterans, a monstrous horde of blood-drinking shape-shifters that have terrorized Japan for centuries.  BLOOD + features a cutting-edge blend of CG and hand-drawn animation set to an amazing musical score produced by Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer ("The Lion King," 1994).

'BLOOD +: Vol, 1' features the groundbreaking animated series' first five episodes, a mind-shattering combination of action, horror and suspense. Think that sounds cool? Check out clips from the DVD!

Comics2Film has a copy of  'BLOOD +'  for the non-vampire readers among you.

How do you win the DVD? It's easy! Just post a comment below this story page. We'll give everyone one week to jump in. After that we'll choose one of the commenters at random.

Check this page on the June 10th to see if you've won!

As always, check out our contests area every day for the next new giveaway!


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