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WINNER: HULK Action Figure

You just gave away the Joe Fixit action figure! Did you win?

By Rob M. Worley     February 05, 2009
Source: Mania

Hulk Giveaway (slideshow)
© Mania

Congratulations Rheul

Your plan to have Joe Fixit Fix the contest appears to have paid off. You win the action figure! Watch y our private messages for info on how to collect your prize.


Please acquaint yourself with Mania's Private Message System. This is how we'll notify you if you win something. If you don't read your Private Messages, you won't be able to claim your prize.

We've called in some extra muscle to help us round out 'Hulk Vs' week.

In case you missed it we've got tons of coverage of the DVD here.

There are numerous clips from the DVD here.

And you can read our review of it here.

So to wrap up the 'Hulk Vs' festivities, we're giving you your very own Hulk enforcer.

It's the "Incredible Hulk: Joe Fixit" Toy Biz action figure.

Hulk Joe Fixit Action Figure

From the 2003 HULK Classics series one collection, this is "Joe Fixit Hulk with Quick Draw Action!". It features the grumpy grey and talkative Hulk that used to beat up puppies as an enforcer on the streets of Vegas. He comes with a cool leather jacket and a tommy gun, becuase the Hulkster do love to shoot his gat! The man has 41 points of articulation so you know he's not to be messed with. He's even got swell Mickey Mouse style gloves!

Flip a switch on his back and he draws his gun! Pa-POW! Another one bites the dust!

We've got one action figure to pass along to a lucky Maniac.

How do you win?

Well, he's called Fixit because that's what he does: fixes problems. You tell us what problem in the world you'd like to fix, dear Maniac. Then tell us, given any resources (real or imaginary) how you'd fix it.

Post your answer in the comments below.

We'll give everyone a week to jump in then we'll choose one winner at random. The winner will be announced here on Feburay 5th and notified via private message on the message boards.

Be sure to check our CONTEST AREA for more chances to win free stuff!


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SaintDemon 1/30/2009 8:21:53 AM

I would fix the issue of the constant wars and genocide. I would do this by setting up a Mortal Kombat style tournament. Whoever wins that fight wins the war essentially. Then in a year the other side that lost can protest by having the fight again. This would cut down on needless deaths and the fights could be televised allowing for media generated money that could be dumped into other issues like world hunger, the AiDs epidemic, etc.

aegrant 1/30/2009 10:29:27 AM

I want to fix my Cleveland Browns by giving the new coach and GM the brains to draft  the right players and get rid of teh dead weights on the team.

RAd 1/30/2009 10:51:33 AM

I will fix the salary of teachers. They aren't paid well enough compared to the work that they do. I'll telepathically alter the minds of mankind and make them think that teachers are celebrities. Companies will shower teachers with free stuff and outrageous gift baskets. But this leads to another problem: the paparazzi. But at least teachers now get a huge paycheck.

chromiummann 1/30/2009 12:05:59 PM

i'd fix the world economy by outlawing fiat currency, everyone would have to use a currency backed by something - i'd suggest gold or silver, but it's up to you

DaForce1 1/30/2009 1:23:29 PM

I would fix the Mania website by hiring a person that knows something about web page design, and have them get rid of the wasted real estate on the left and right of the screen. I would then have them design an easier and more intuitive navigator bar at the top and bottom of the webpage. I would also hire writers that would provide original content rather than post nonsense culled from Cracked magazine.

darkheart00 1/30/2009 1:27:42 PM

I would hire Hulk Joe Fixit (who looks pretty frakkin cool) to assassinate the embarassing "Logan Manero" figure from the previous contest.

Rheul_home 1/30/2009 8:19:12 PM

I'd like him to fix this contest so I win. He could do it by telling the powers that be at  to award the figure to me or face a fixin' themselves!

sideburnsmephisto 1/31/2009 7:00:00 AM

I would have him fix the economy so that I could actually afford things rather than wondering how I'm gonna pay the rent and enter contests to hope that I can have something new.

plsdnthrtme 1/31/2009 7:16:44 AM

I would fix the problem that celebrities are more important then scholars. To do this i would bleed out the hollywood system and control the minds of everyone telpathically through television telling them to go out and learn. Read more and watch less. get up and do something with your lives to make a difference instead of letting your life become the same thing day in and day out. and instead of paying celebrities millions to do nothing but "entertain" i would pay scientists millions but only to fund projects with lab equipment and pay teachers millions but to be split equally into their equipment to teach as well as line thier pockets to make them want to teach to better mankind

Dawgwindu 1/31/2009 8:55:54 PM

Fix me some dinner you colorless throwback!!!

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