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Winner: 'Incredible Huk' DVD

By Rob M. Worley     January 17, 2008

Updated January 17th

Congratulations to cowleyh

This sweetness in a cardboard box is all yours! You won the DVD!

If you're entering the contests make sure that:
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  2. Make sure you whitelist all email addresses from with your spam/bulk filtering program (otherwise our email may get thrown into spam and you may not be able to collect your prize). I'm lookin' at you, AOL and HOTMAIL Users!
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Hulk! Daredevil! Thor! Kingpin!

All live-action for the first time!

Buy the Incredible Hulk Collection at

Following the much-loved 'Incredible Hulk' TV series were a handful of two-hour made-for-TV movies. 'The Incredible Hulk Returns' finds Banner in remission with nary a sign of old Jade Jaws, until his old buddy Dr. Donald Blake gains the ability to summon the Norse god Thor and all heck breaks loose. Then, in 'The Trial of the Incredible Hulk', poor old banner gets arrested in New York City. Fortunately his lawyer is Matt Murdock, a blind man who battles crime as Daredevil. Previously mentioned heck breaks loose once more!

Our friends at Starz Home Entertainment/Anchor Bay have provided us with a copy of 'The Incredible Hulk Collection' which features both movies with almost three hours of low-budget Marvel goodness! We're giving it to you!

How do you win? It's easy! Just post a comment below this story page. We'll give everybody a week to jump in. After one week we'll choose one of the commenters at random.

Check this page on the January 17th to see if you've won!

And check out our contests area every day for the next new giveaway!


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