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Knightsong 1/13/2009 6:17:35 AM

I'd be made of Snips of Snails, Puppy Dog Tails, and a shot of Nuclear Ginger Ale! And I'd be the Little Legion!

AMiSHPiRATE 1/13/2009 6:30:45 AM

 Avast! They made me from blood, sweat, & tears, but ye can call me Salty Waters!

w3s 1/13/2009 7:00:30 AM

If I were made in a mad scientist’s lab, I would be made of dynamite, gun powder, gasoline and a sharpened No. 2 pencil. They would call me Cheap Trick (sorry Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson, and Bun E. Carlos are not included).

RAd 1/13/2009 8:40:57 AM

I feel like that beauty pageant contestant...  I would be made of 2 1/2 cups of volcanic ash, one medium banana (sliced) a teaspoon of wasabi and a drop of tear from a recently widowed lassie. My superhero name would be the RAnting RAd.

OmegaDean 1/13/2009 8:44:10 AM

My composition would the stuff of dreams, legends and folk lore and the call me the Mystic Fantasyzer.

The scientist who made me would be a lunatic alchemist

trollman 1/13/2009 9:42:55 AM

I would be made of a Spicey Bowl of Chilly, A bag of Gaming Dice, a Comic Book (probably Iron Man) and a dash of Chemical XXX!    I'd be the Hero called Criticle Hit!

ludite 1/13/2009 11:03:14 AM

Add one part Spam, one part dead parrot, and mix with something completely different like Mjollnir and I would become the Mighty Python.

kirk 1/13/2009 12:14:07 PM

Concrete, a chili-cheese dog, a couple hand-fulls of bullets, a chainsaw, and a tuxedo. Something made of all'd have to call it WTF!

twesaak 1/13/2009 10:21:47 PM

Radioactive Broccoli, cabbage, and baked beans.

I would become "GAS BOMB"

Ridding the world of fresh air, and flowers.

HA HA HA "FFFAAARRRTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

sythspawn 1/14/2009 5:41:07 AM

Razors, wire, and broken glass would turn me into "Poodle-Killer"!

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