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Winner: 'Speed Racer: The Next Generation' on DVD

By Rob M. Worley     May 12, 2008

Updated May 12th

Congratulations chromiumman!

You're a demon on free stuff! You win the DVD!

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Will 'Speed Racer' top the box office this week?

Will Speed and Trixie ever have a child?

The answer to that second one is apparently, "Yes", as revealed in the new DVD movie Speed Racer: The Next Generation - The Beginning!

Go, Speed Racer, Go! This May, start your engines and feel the need for speed as Lionsgate releases 'Speed Racer The Next Generation: The Beginning', the first-ever movie for the new Speed Racer brand on DVD.

'Speed Racer The Next Generation: The Beginning' builds on the legendary adventures of the iconic original series by focusing on Speed's orphaned son as he contends with the everyday hassles of school life at the Racing Academy while uncovering secrets behind his famous father's disappearance.

Following in the footsteps of the classic series, Speed Racer: The Next Generation, explores the passion of a teenage racer with the most powerful and stylish car on the planet.  Speed arrives at The Racing Academy only to find himself immediately intimidated by his fast-paced classmates, but armed with his new friends Conor, Lucy and Conor's robot monkey, Chim Chim, Speed quickly lives up to his name and becomes the new one to beat in the driver's seat!  Along with action-packed adventure on the racetrack, Speed and his pals work together to solve the mystery of his father's disappearance and build the ultimate racing machine - the Mach 6.

The new chapter of Speed Racer utilizes a cutting-edge, unique style of animation inspired by the original series and incorporates hot-topic storylines such as renewable resources and the pursuit of a car built with a gasless engine.

How do you win? It's easy! Just post a comment below this story page. We'll give everybody a week to jump in. After one week we'll choose one of the commenters at random.

Check this page on the May 12th to see if you've won!

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