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Winner: The Tick vs Season 2 on DVD

By Rob M. Worley     August 29, 2007

Updated August 29th

Congratulations to Mabus87!

The grim reaper may have cut your potato to freedom fries with its scythe, but the spirit of The Tick will live on with you as you enjoy the free DVD.

But wait! We've also got 10 runner up prizes in this giveaway! Each gets a Tick iron on decal! Mini-Congrats to:
  • lorivan
  • daquietman
  • cak666
  • FeloniusThunk
  • allknowingweezy
  • krinshaw2
  • the gypsy queen
  • kirk
  • ayrton1

Get ready to scratch that itch for crime-fighting, chums!

The Tick Vs. Season Two is ready burrow into your comedic veins with its 2-disc DVD debut from Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

The Tick vs Season 2 on DVD

Evil-doers, check your rear-view mirror because justice is closer than it appears! Everyone's favorite big blue hero, along with his trusty moth sidekick Arthur, is back for more hilarious adventures in The Tick Vs. Season Two. With a heart as big as the moon and as warm as bathwater, The Tick flexes the muscle of goodness to keep the citizens of The City safe from the strangest collection of villains yet. Season Two brings the return of ber-villains El Seed and Brainchild, our heroes make their reality TV debuts and The Tick whittles himself a new sidekick when a woman comes between him and his old chum Arthur. With a cornucopia of laughs and thrills stuffed onto three shiny discs, The Tick Vs. Season Two delivers a one-two punch of goodness straight to your home entertainment center.

TICKTACULAR GIVEAWAY BONUS! 10 Runner-up winners will receive a FREE Tick vs. Season Two' Iron On Transfer! Iron that baby onto any shirt, tent, pillow case or other cloth thing!

How do you win? It's easy! Just post a comment below this story page. We'll give everybody a week to jump in. After one week we'll choose one of the commenters at random.

Check this page on the August 29th to see if you've won!

And check out our contests area every day for the next new giveaway!


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