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Mania Review: Paul (Article) - 3/24/2011 10:00:09 AM

Hey religous fanatics, it's a comedy.  I think the idea was show how a person could deal with a narrow-minded religous extremist in a funny way, considering that some religous extremists choose to deal with the non-believers by crashing planes into buildings I think the character got off easy!!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with having faith, I know I'd probably lose my mind if I didn't think there was a place to go after death but I draw the line at thinking everyone who doesn't share my views should be punished and sent to hell.  It's less an attack against christians and more poking fun at a person with an extreme and narrow view.

By the way this movie is fantastic!  It's everything I want in a sci-fi action comedy!

Elizabeth Taylor Passes Away (Article) - 3/24/2011 9:38:09 AM

Something every movie geek can relate to is a stunning beauty, and she was one of the most stunning of all-time!!  Much respect Liz, rest in peace.

HOBBIT Production Officially Begins (Article) - 3/24/2011 9:30:03 AM

The reason I come to this site is because of the passion and intesity of the comments from true fans like the both of us and I hope that never ends, regardless of the heated debates which I also enjoy!  It's obvious that some of my comments were out of line too so I will also try to keep it entertainment related........but.........we both know that won't always happen ;) 

This would be one boring existence if we all agreed right?

Keep 'em coming dude!!

HOBBIT Production Officially Begins (Article) - 3/23/2011 9:50:06 AM

Violator:  I'm not trying to say there should be hard limits and that a person should never smoke, drink or eat unhealthy foods.  It's less about specific actions and more about overall attitude towards excessive and wasteful nature versus conservative and responsible restraint.  As Wiseguy pointed out, quite often in cases of extreme obesity laziness is a factor.  Lazy people might not recycle as often or try to conserve clean water or in general give a proverbial shit about the planet or the other people living on it.  It's an archaic attitude that needs to change if we are to have any hope of survivng as a species.  It sounds preachy but to deny it as truth would be the extreme side of ignorance.

Every sci fi fan should be well aware that it is likely to be our own ignorance that destroys us!!!  Or aliens. 

and Lsn22s,

that actually makes a lot of sense and would be a great way to tell the tale of the Hobbit.  I can see Jackson going in that direction.

TOTAL RECALL'S Leading Ladies (Article) - 3/23/2011 9:19:22 AM

three tits.............thats awesome

TITANS 2 Production Begins (Article) - 3/23/2011 8:33:45 AM

The first one was just barley successful enough to give us this sequel, which should be volumes better, and yeah Hobbs, the post conversion is definitly a factor in it's under-performance and I doubt you'll see any big productions (except star wars) even attempt the post 3D conversion process anymore.

A change in Directors should help a bit too I think.

TOTAL RECALL'S Leading Ladies (Article) - 3/23/2011 8:27:37 AM

I like Wiseman but in my opinion he failed to follow in both John Mctierrnan and Renny Harlin's footsteps with the Die-hard franchise so I can only guess he'll do worse trying to follow Verhoevan's, especially if he follows suit and allows the R rating to be pushed aside for a more neutered PG14.  I'm a little sad that Colin Farrell is chosing this as part of his comeback vehicle and as a huge fan of the original, I have almost no hope for this to be good, let alone better!!!

As for the girls, Mendes is a perfect Melina and anyone is better than Bosworth for any role outside the portrayal of a wooden chair.......a really skinny wooden chair.  But it's all moot considering I'm not behind this one at all.  It's very encouraging to know Diane Kruger passed on this, she's too good for it!

HOBBIT Production Officially Begins (Article) - 3/23/2011 7:23:05 AM

Wiseguy, I'm glad someone else finally stepped in and said something, even  though you lean more towards Hobbs, you've actually stated pretty much the same thing I did regarding obesity.  I'm really not against freedom of choice, that would be ridiculous, but you can't deny that those same freedoms when proven to lead to excessive behaviours can and have been removed.  There actually was time when you could smoke and drink anywhere and not wear a seatbelt while doing both!  We've all seen enough sci-fi to know that it's a very likely scenerio that sometime in the distant (or not) future we may experience a food shortage the likes of which we can't even imagine, coupled with a continuously exploding world population (estimated to hit 7billion this year!) it's not hard to imagine an impostion by goverments to ration food supplies to the population.  That's scary as hell but the "want all waste all" mentality is gonna make it happen! 

I don't think I missed any of your points Hobbs, I'm simply choosing to not agree.  I just don't think it's okay to do whatever you want (within the confines of the law) as long as you are happy, thats just not how I think.  The point you made about reading and education however, well I took offence to that and proceeded to proof-read your post.  I wouldn't continue an arguement like this with someone I thought was an idiot, I actually believe you to be someone who is quite (despite the disagreements) intelligent so how about you stop trying to insult my intelligence and maybe even show me a tiniest bit of the respect I've just shown you.

I'm ready to end this feeling confident that I've said all I want to.  I'm not trying to change anyone or take away freedoms, I feel every generation is tasked with the responsibility of educating the next generation so that we may learn from mistakes and move forward as a species.  Promoting good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle is a step forward.  Encouraging excessive actions in the name of freedom and temporary happiness is not responsible.  And I say temporary because when my father passed away at the age of 54, weighing over 400lbs and suffering from several failing organs due to a life of excessive eating, smoking and negligence, he wasn't fukking smiling. 

That's it that's all lets get a beer a burger a smoke and go for a jog!!!

Captain America's Shield Throwing (Article) - 3/22/2011 3:24:14 PM

This is looking like it's gonna be one of the year's best!  Chris Evans is awesome, always has been!  I'm glad he's getting a top job!  Supporting cast to kill for!  Exciting!

HOBBIT Production Officially Begins (Article) - 3/22/2011 1:51:15 PM


"You mean so same medical resources that I would be paying for or if Obama care goes through that I'll be paying taxes for? Or are you going to support letting people die because they didn't live life according to your vision of utopia?"

"Another piece of and reading are fundamental. I strongly suggest you invest in both."

The first sentence: Improper use of the word "so".  Missing a question mark after the word "for" indicating a general lack of understanding of the proper use of punctuation in a sentence.  The word "or" should be the beginning of a new sentence, requiring the substitution of "that I'll" in favour of " the medical services I'll" to reiterate what it is that you will be paying for.  There should be an "a"  or "thier" between "live" and "life".  The final sentence should have a comma after "advice" and doesn't require a period after "fundamental" which would negate the need for an addtional sentence and clarify what "both" you are referring to.

I'll get right on that reading and education thing.

Denying a lung transplant to a life-long smoker in favour of a child with cystic fibrosis is not a vision of utopia, it's fukking fair.   


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