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McKellen Spots Bilbo in 3D (Article) - 3/9/2011 11:08:31 AM

like color, sound, hi-fi, surround, 5.1, 7.1, beta, vhs, dvd and blu-ray this is an evolutionary step in film-making/viewing and it's here to stay.  For the people who don't like it I can see why and I hope they get better at it so you do enjoy it.  I agree with Hanso that the films with obvious 3D scenes are lame at home (I haven't even seen Avatar since the imax!) but I do believe that this is heading in the direction of not needing glasses to view and when it gets there........well.......that'll be worth leaving the house for!!!!  And that's what it's all about folks, cause I'll say it this way:  Convince me to see you play live and I'll buy the tix, show me that your movie is gonna be great and I'll leave the house to see it, but don't expect me to pay twice, simply meaning I won't pay for digital media for something I've already paid to see in it's elemental environment.  The entertainment industry has been double and triple (fukk you george lucas) dipping us for far too long and now the internet allows us to share media for free.  BUT!  what it can't and won't ever do is replace the experience offered by big screens, big sound systems and like minded crowds.  Likewise for live music venues.   I'm sure everyone that's ever been to this site can appreciate the attempt to create better entertainment, I know I do!! 

Sony Grabs PETER PAN (Article) - 3/9/2011 8:32:31 AM

Is this a fukking joke?  we are weeks away from a story like this even being mentioned! Someone needs to get all Mark David Chapman on Channing Tatum!!!!!!!  Stop this piece of shit before he pollutes the screens any more!

V: Uneasy Lies The Head (Article) - 3/5/2011 9:01:11 AM

the writing is still bad and makes for some akward scenes but overall it's starting to find a path.  I have no hope whatsoever that this show will be renewed for another season and I'm okay with that.  The sad truth is that my love for the original and my love for the super hot girls in this version are the reasons I keep watching, but I don't watch the broadcast to contribute to the ratings, I dl illegally because I don't see value yet.  I don't know whats going on in the world today but girls north of 40 are killing the 20somethings right now!  Way hotter and way better at handling themselves.  The advantage of youth in hollywood is fast disapearing!!!

Chuck: Chuck vs. The First Bank of Evil (Article) - 3/5/2011 8:54:14 AM

This show seems to only have 13 episodes per season so seeing it run on like this is a little sad.  I agree that this was about as filler as it gets and when the show is one like this, that can really hurt it.  I'm not really worried about the series because it has a loyal following but episodes like this one do nothing to help it at all.  Maybe they should just go with a 13 episode season, pack it all in and hit hard!  I'll be back next week though and that's what matters!

7 BATTLE: Los Angeles TV Spots (Article) - 3/5/2011 8:48:08 AM

a couple more years of the current hollywood thinking and we will have your idea jonnie1017.

Star Wars Sets First 3D Date (Article) - 3/4/2011 10:11:40 PM

There can't possibly be enough people actually excited for this to be happening so it's obvious that Lucas has lost his mind and is rewarding himself yet again by living in a world where he doesn't hear the word "no".  There is no other reason the man would choose to waste so much time and money.  Bye bye George, your mark has been made.  It's been fun y'all, looks like the world might actually end next year cuz it looks like we are coming to an end of our evolution.......and it starts with the demise of creative thinking.

Resident Evil 5 Release Set (Article) - 3/4/2011 7:29:22 PM

Keep 'em comin'

SUPERMAN'S Martha Kent Cast (Article) - 3/3/2011 3:26:50 PM

Well I think there is little doubt now that this will be a reboot with an origin story because Diane Lane is not the grey-haired mom back at the farm in Kansas.  She's gorgeous, she's talented and she's got star power beyond most women her age so this is definitly a step in the right direction.  Cavill is pretty much an unknown to anyone outside of the Tudor watching crowd so the more actors/actresses of this caliber that they can surround him with the better.  I have a feeling Viggo is up for Pa Kent and not Zod but I'm rooting for Costner. 

Padilha Rebooting ROBOCOP? (Article) - 3/2/2011 4:33:26 PM

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.  In the music industry we've had some pretty amazing covers of classic songs.  In a lot of cases it was the break-out moment for those artists.  On the flipside we've had some disasters, actually we've had wayyyy more of those (especially if you include the band you saw last night at your local dive!) but the whole point's gonna happen no matter what you do and you'll just have to make the choice to either see/don't see it, love it/hate it or not give a crap whatsoever.  I personally hate the recent boost in re-makes and re-boots but I was hopeful for the latest hulk (still only saw it once, and hated neither of the films to be honest) and I won't pre-judge the new spiderman only to say I don't initially like the choice of Andrew Garfield but I'll wait until I see it so.........there are always exceptions.

The original pretty much started my life-long love of violent and super bloody movies and nothing will ever compare so they can go right ahead and try.  The most interesting thing about this article is that I've been made aware of this new Directory Padilha from Brazil.  That's quite a feat he pulled off down there out-performing Avatar and Alice in Wonderland!!! 


Mortensen Circles SUPERMAN? (Article) - 2/28/2011 9:12:06 AM

nice reference to ghostbusters 2 Hanso!I can't watch Viggo Mortensen without thinking of the character from that movie!!!


If he's in this movie it will be better period!  no matter what character he plays.


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