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New TRANSFORMERS 3 Trailer Arrives (Article) - 5/3/2011 9:58:54 AM

I just want to say:  I don't come on here to start fights or insult people, but it does bother me when people try to say things like:  Michael Bay is a terrible film-maker, when clearly he isn't.  He has Speilberg's endorsement and would you say he's a dummy for liking Bay?    And then there's the endless debate about profits vs quality.  If a movie makes huge amounts of money, it means enough people liked it to pay for it and tell their friends they liked it and so on......but one guy, who claims to be an authority on movies can say it's bad regardless?  I think that's about as ignorant as you can get.  If you don't like a movie, you just don't like it, regardless of how much money it makes.  It's like and dislike, it's good or bad when referring to your own opinon or financial success.  If you find enough people to agree with you then you can justify your claims because you have like-minded folk agreeing with you........regardless of box-office success.........and again all this means is that you and your group of friends just don't like it.  Only by your own criteria is anything bad or good, how much money it makes is a finite indication of whether or not the film was "good" in terms of doing what it was designed to do, which is entertain and sell tickets/copies/downloads or merchandise.  We all know there are 2 worlds when it comes to movies, the artistic and the commercial.  Sometimes they mix and sometimes they don't. 

Now for the big reveal:  Not one of Bay's films would make my top 10, that list is reserved for Nolan, Cameron, Scott (both Ridley and Tony) Darabont, Boyle, Speilberg, Cuaron and the mighty Peter Jackson.  All capable of making both artistic and blockbuster type films with truckloads of awards between all of them to brag about. 

I get very offended when someone makes claims of my level of intelligence being low based on my opinions of entertainment.  For all you know I could be a doctor, lawyer, accountant or scientific researcher who's on the verge of discovering the cure for cancer.  If you can tell a person's intelligence based on a few comments on a fansite then your own level of intelligence is being wasted by commenting here. 

Going back to the earlier point, saying that just because a film makes tons of money doesn't mean it's a good film, is like saying that just because a person is a doctor, doesn't mean they are smart.  In both cases the person or film passed all requirements to recieve thier current status and no opinon in the world can change that result.

Having said that, it's also pointless for me to try and change anyone's mind, but I can at least ask that people clarify between what is fact and what is opinon.  If you can't recognize that difference then you have a problem with literary comprehension. 

Before anyone gets on here and counters everything I've just said, keep in mind that I'm well aware of all the "dumb" doctors out there and that some people just get lucky on test day and that there are always going to be concessions and exceptions. 

I'll try to not to be such an asshole next time someone pees on Michael Bay, but you gotta admit, on this site the guy could use a few friends!!

Supernatural: Mommy Dearest (Article) - 5/3/2011 5:14:27 AM

Starships!  This show is just brilliant!  It's so good to see them somewhat relaxed, I mean, they averted the apocolypse and they have angels on thier shoulders.........and they walk around like they own the place and I love it!!!

"this place is crawling with starships!!"

New TRANSFORMERS 3 Trailer Arrives (Article) - 5/2/2011 6:41:37 PM

Well said!!  Hatchet buried!!!

Fringe: The Last Sam Weiss (Article) - 5/2/2011 6:38:39 PM

Oh it was definitely the future, but the fringe division soldier called Peter agent Bishop, but we know that Walternate from the 2nd universe that has a fringe division with the same uniform/logo, lived most of his life without Peter, who grew up in the original universe.  The Peter that woke up in the hospital thought his father was the secretary of defence and was a little stunned to meet the Walter from the original universe.  I'm pretty sure the only way that can work is if this Peter is from a 3rd universe.  But I'm just speculating, I'll be here next week after the finale!!

Bigelow Tracking Bin Laden Kill (Article) - 5/2/2011 6:14:58 PM

I've always loved this Girl, I'll watch anything she's involved with.

New TRANSFORMERS 3 Trailer Arrives (Article) - 5/2/2011 6:07:41 PM

Dear keithdaniel,

      That's a whole lot of insults you've hurled my way.  It took a lot of determination and focus to get to them through all the pompous writing, but I managed.......even with my obvious lack of intelligence.  You really can write though, there were so many words, so many sentences.  Death role (the fact that you punctuated the end with an exclamation indicates that you actually believe it's "death role" when in fact it is "death row").  The fact that you wrote so much, and were able to incorporate all the latest internet acronyms certainly shows beyond a doubt that I am dealing with a much higher level of intelligence.  I mean, only really really smart people jump immediatly to criticizing someones intelligence without so much as even knowing them beyond a couple of snooty comments on a website dedicated to everything sci-fi and fantasy.  But you nailed it, I am everything you said I am. 

I've wanted to use the ass-crack line for a while so thanks for being my test pig.

Get this though, my number one favorite all-time movie is..........Aliens, Jim Cameron's greatest film.

Isn't that funny?  Even a little? 




New TRANSFORMERS 3 Trailer Arrives (Article) - 5/2/2011 4:06:04 PM

Oh and by the way, you are not mistaken, keithdaniel.   Just because a film does well at the box office doesn't mean it's a good film. A film is only a good film if you say it is.  That's a much more accurate way to judge a movie.

Could you make a list for me?  I'm afraid that I may have been wasting my life watching shitty movies because I didn't know you until now.  Even though I really liked the movies I've watched, I'm just not sure if you'd like them so please help me.  It sucks on the bottom.


New TRANSFORMERS 3 Trailer Arrives (Article) - 5/2/2011 3:07:46 PM

Keithdaniel, you can tongue bathe my greasy ass crack!!!!  There are "Bay haters" and I'm a "Bay hater, hater".  With all the comments slagging the guy  I thought I'd "feel free"  to post my opinon and stand-up for fukk you!  All that crap you wrote that comes off sounding like facts are just your opinions, maybe if you were smarter you'd realise that!!!!!   The real killer is that all those directors you listed are my exact favorites, but the whole money vs quality thing has been argued to death so I won't even get into it, but I find that people usually say that  to defend something they liked that didnt' make very much money . 

FTR- I don't give a shit if you are angry with me or not, I'm gonna say whatever I want to say  and if you don't like it you can fukk your own face!!!


New TRANSFORMERS 3 Trailer Arrives (Article) - 5/2/2011 11:35:44 AM

I wonder what Michael Bay would call you guys, whiners?  Losers?  Poor?  compared to him you would be all of those things.  If you hate him so much then stay the fukk away from his movies.  And just  to help some of you with what most consider the term "hack" to mean:  Someone who claims to know things they clearly don't.........well after 15 years of making big summer blockbusters it's impossible for Bay to fall into this category.  This trailer is mind blowing.  I love Bay's work and hav e no doubt which film will be my favorite this year.  And Rosie is hot as hell, the only reason any guy gay or not would kick her out of bed would be to fukk her on the floor.

Maybe someone will make a movie about a transformer slowly going crazy while trying to take on a dual role in a theatre production.  Then everyone will have a transformer film they could jerk off to.

Fringe: The Last Sam Weiss (Article) - 5/2/2011 11:15:48 AM

It's not the future, it's a 3rd universe.  That's where the Peter that woke up in the hospital is from and that's why  he's so confused.


I don't have an inside scoop, It seems to me like the existence of a 3rd was bound to happen, and when you consider the way Peter was acting, it makes total sense.


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