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Witchblade joins Kick Ass 2

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Witchblade joins Kick Ass 2

Balls to the Wall cast grows

By Robert T. Trate     August 10, 2012
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Yancy Butler is coming back to the world of Kick-Ass. The actress is set to reprise her role as the mother to Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s character in Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Walls.

Matthew Vaughn’s MARV Films is financing the picture, which Universal will distribute domestically. Jeff Wadlow (Cry Wolf) is directing.

The movie is casting up ahead of its start in September in Toronto. It will also shoot in New York.

Aaron Johnson and Chloe Moretz are reprising their roles of Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl respectively. Mintz-Plasse is coming back as the villainous Red Mist.

New to the movie are Donald Faison and John Lequizamo.

Butler is best known for starring in the cult TV show Witchblade and appearing in action movies such as Drop Zone.  


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reek 8/10/2012 10:20:12 AM

The headline should have read "Vaguely Hot Middle Aged Actress gets Small Part".  At best, they could have referred to her as MILFBLADE; the current headline makes it sound like a comic crossover.

goatartist 8/10/2012 12:58:35 PM



Wiseguy 8/10/2012 1:01:35 PM

Is she on the wagon?

She always seemed sort of butch to me so never thought of her as attractive at all.

alienstatue 8/10/2012 4:23:09 PM

"As the world turns"! Now I remember her. Wait what....

vitieddie 8/10/2012 5:32:04 PM

 Ah Rob you made me click this link!

reek 8/10/2012 6:02:35 PM

This is off topic but I just got back from the Bourne flick and saw a poster for Man of Steel and vitieddie's avatar reminded me to ask: Can blind people read Superman's new costume?

thezillaman 8/10/2012 6:38:41 PM

 @reek, i noticed the same though i dont think it will be like that on film. still they could have done better for the close up picture of man of steel. and yes it has a shit load of dot print on the S and has the texture look of the old spideman suit..lol... 

SmokingFrog77 8/11/2012 7:05:04 AM

The texture look is interesting, I wonder if it's meant to evoke a metallic kind of 'feel'. I love the photo on the poster though, looks like Alex Ross painted it. Which I'm guessing was the intention.




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