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krathwardroid 5/5/2009 10:23:47 AM

Hey, what was the scene at the end of the movie? I didn't stay to watch it.

jmg134 5/5/2009 10:52:56 AM

I totally hear ya gauleyboy420.  Why do all these fanboys on here bitch and complain about continuity when movies and comics are two totally different mediums. 

The average moviegoer is not gonna care if Wolverine learned martial arts before or after X3.  They just wanna see him kick ninja ass.  Some people on here make too much stink of nothing they can control.  If they want a better movie then do it your own damn self is what I say.  But until then shut the F-up and enjoy it or hate it...its your choice.  I liked some of the comic movies that's been out.  Granted not all of them were great but oh well.  What are we gonna do about it?  Not see?  Yeah right.  We say that now but eventually we all end up seeing them regardless of how good or bad they are.  That's just how we are...curious if they did the character justice.  I look at comic movies, especially Marvel, like their Ultimate line.  At first I didn't dig it but then as I started to read them they grew on me.  There is only so much stuff from the comics you can put in a movie without making it ridiculous...if that's the right word.

shogunpimp 5/5/2009 11:04:45 AM

God am I glad I don't have the astronomical standards of a fanboy.  What a constantly disappointing existance they must live.

jmg134 5/5/2009 11:09:18 AM

Ugh!  Not every writer can be as good as Nolan's brother or a director as Nolan himself.

I see Hanso's point about character development about Logan and his lady love.  But that's pretty much a fill in the blanks kinda thing.  Ok, so you see them in the cabin of the Canadian Rockies.  You just have to put the pieces together yourself on how they met.  Of course they are gonna show explosion after explosion cuz that is what the majority of moviegoers wanna see.  They don't wanna see Wolverine get all lovey-dovey with some girl for too long in the movie.

Maybe it would have been a nice fill in if they did do that maybe not.  You can't compare Marvel with DC all the time.  Similar to how you can't compare Trek and Wars.  Both are good franchises with their own take and ideas.  Don't get me wrong, I like character development like the next guy but I also like mass destruction too.

Unfortunately not every movie can be TDK.

monkeyfoot 5/5/2009 11:12:07 AM

Shogunpimp, truer words have never been said. I know. I've been as guilty as anybody else of it sometimes.

hanso 5/5/2009 11:34:58 AM

Jmg I'm not comparing Marvel to DC nor any other movie to Wolverine. I'm saying they could've added 10 more minutes to the film and expanded upon certain aspects of the characters and they still could've kept all their explosions too.


fft5305 5/5/2009 12:12:00 PM

krath, as I understand it, there were 2 extra scenes at the end, depending on where you saw the movie.  The version I saw was Logan drinking sake in a Japanese bar. The bartender asks him if he's drinking to forget, and he tells her, in Japenese, "No. To remember."  The other scene (from what I've read) shows Weapon XI (Wade/Deadpool)'s head being picked up by his body and put back up on his neck. If anyone saw this version, and I have it wrong, please let me know.

monkeyfoot 5/5/2009 1:16:59 PM


FFt5305, that's more or less it. The ending showed Deadpool's hand moving in the rubble until he grabs his own head. The eyes open up then his mouth tears itself open and says something but I couldn't make it out. Fade to black.

Another SPOILER question concerning the bootleg DVD: My copy shows Xavier greeting Cyke and the kids as they leave the base, just as in the movie. But my sister saw another bootleg at a party and swears it was Magneto greeting them on that one. ("No it wasn't the bald guy. It was the other white haired guy.") Has anybody else seen this?

Hobbs 5/5/2009 1:28:55 PM

I read that AICN one too....just to break it down a little....do we really need to see Logan building a cabin?  That was a little nuts to even mention that but I do agree he needed more time with Silverfox.  As you said, he became weapon X because of her apparent death he was so distraught so more time was needed there. 

The problem with Wolverines origin is that it's not very interesting...not like Batman.  When I was growing up part of the appeal of Wolvie was the mystery of his background.  In fact that was one of the reasons Marvel never told his story for 25 years or so.  Once they did Origins they totally F'ed it up.    

I do think Fox had something to do with that...they probably pushed the PG-13 rating and added all the Mutants to sell toys. 

Again, not hating on the movie.  I enjoyed it but  I agree it could have been better.

hanso 5/5/2009 1:54:52 PM

That's all I'm saying Hobbs, it could've been better and it should've been better.  I don't hate the flick,  I reserve my hate for films like Superman Returns, X-Men 3, The Spirit and Punisher War Zone.  

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