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WOLVERINE 2 in the works?


By Rob M. Worley     March 26, 2009

Liev Schrieber and Hugh Jackman throw down in X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (slideshow)
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Rumor du jour has a 'Wolverine' sequel already in the works. PLUS: Your first look at ScarJoBlaWi for 'Iron Man 2'? Bendis spills new 'Powers' details. State-side reviews of 'Dragonball'  start trickling in. Orci and Kurtzman to exit 'Transformers' franchise? Yearning for the return of that chimp dressed like a robot that looks like a dog, it's your Comics2Film 9.3.26!





20th Century Fox isn't going to let go of the X-Men film licencse any time soon, so it's pretty clear that no matter how 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' does, there'll be another X-movie within 2-3 years.

However, Ain't it Cool reports that work is already underway on a direct sequel to this summer's mutant outing. The rumor site runs an email from a fan who is working at the Bradford international Film Festival.

The fan writes: "...tonight we had Simon Beaufoy, screenwriter of 'Slumdog Millionaire' doing a screentalk. Anyway he dropped a bit of a scoop, he's been employed to write the script for 'Wolverine 2' a film."

The scooper also says Beaufoy claimed to have no idea what Wolverine was but took the job at the behest of his agent. Based on the scooper's comments, it sounds like Beaufoy is already working on the script and may have even finished it.

Ain't It Cool does not say if they've had prior dealings with this scooper or why they give the note enough credence to run with a story, so consider this an unsubstantiated rumor at this point.



Bendis on POWERS TV show

Back in February, Brian Michael Bendis revealed that his indie comic 'Powers' was no longer in development as a feature film, but rather had been repositioned as an FX Channel original series. Now the good folks that brought us KryptonSite.com have a newly minted PowersTV.com site up.

The first order of business? More talk from Bendis about the show, keyed in from issue #211 of Wizard Magazine.

Bendis said the show is not greenlit, but is in active production. Currently the show's producers are weighing their options for the TV pilot, which could be a two-hour movie.

"FX finally got it. They kind of perceive themselves as the anti-network," Bendis told Wizard. "A lot of their shows are the anti-version of something that would be on another network. And I remember the President of FX [John Landgraff and network executive Matt Cherniss] asking 'How does Powers fit into that criteria?' And I said 'On NBC, they try to save the cheerleader. We actually kill the cheerleader.' And he said 'Let's make a pilot. That was one of my better moments in Hollywood."

Bendis also talks about the network's willingness to dirty thing down, rather than polish them up.

Click through for more comments from Bendis about 'Powers' on FX Channel.



Scarlett Johansson, darkened for Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson's new IRON MAN 2 look?

The New York Post has run a photo of Scarlett Johansson sporting long, dark red locks. The looks to be in prep for her role as the Black Widow in 'Iron Man 2'. Click the thumbnail for a better look.




We already know that loyal fans in Japan have shunned 'Dragonball Evolution', with scathing reviews popping of in those markets. But what about the mainstream American critics? Variety posted the first such review that we've seen. Surprisingly, they're not completely sour on the film.

A popular Japanese manga series gets a pleasing if paint-by-numbers live-action makeover in "Dragonball Evolution," which half-heartedly tries to keep the faith for its pubescent male fanbase. The original "Dragonball" graphic novel series appeared in Japan in 1984, and went on to become a worldwide phenomenon with more than 150 million volumes sold and successfully spinning off into countless anime features, TV versions and videogames. Aiming to tap into a ready-made market, this passable Fox release should do solid biz with established fans of all ages and nationalities. Potential appeal to the unacquainted, however, is minimal.

We're not expecting high art from the movie, but could it pass as summer fun?



Kurtzman and Orci to exit TRANSFORMERS Franchise?

Slashfilm.com took on the unenviable task of wading through the hyper-prolific Don Murphy forums and digging up some interesting nuggets of news about 'Transformers 2' and 'Transformers 3'.

Screenwriter Roberto Orci has been posting there and commented on recent rumors that Leonard Nimoy would voice The Fallen in the upcoming sequel.  Orci confirms that he spoke with Nimoy about the role. Nimoy has voiced autobots in the past in 'Transformers: The Movie', and worked with Orci on 'Star Trek'. Orci also reveals that Nimoy and director Michael Bay are cousins through marriage.

However, the fans wanted Frank Welker in the movie and that's the direction Bay went.

Orci also says that he and partner Alex Kurtzman may not return for a third go-round with the robots in disguise.

"Time for fresh blood!" Orci wrote. "The main reason we would move on is because we risk getting stale and comfortable. If you only sing one song for too long, you miss the opportunity to sing news songs. We’ll see."


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fft5305 3/26/2009 9:17:36 AM

I prefer SJ's old look, but this works better for the part of Black Widow.

fft5305 3/26/2009 9:18:51 AM

Also (Edit Button!), Jackman said before that they wanted to do more Wolverine movies, but that they were waiting to see how this one does. That wouldn't stop someone from working on a screenplay.

Wiseguy 3/26/2009 9:28:50 AM

Wolverine 2 is a guaranty, bet on it and if it doesn't happen I'll change my name from wiseguy562 to semismartguy281. That's not much of a scoop. And of course Fox won't let the rights to the X universe lapse, too many possibilities and too much money, they'll never do a repeat of Star Wars

Scarlett looks damn good, still not close to my top choice but I'm still hopeful. I hope she can pull the accent off, if they're going with an accent.

FX does a decent job with their series. I think they're a distant second to HBO when it comes to adult oriented series. So I'm definitely interested to see them adapt Powers to tv

gauleyboy420 3/26/2009 10:14:23 AM


She's gonna be awesome in IM2!!!!!!

If I'm wrong I'll change my name to gauleybaby419 ;)


I don't know how I feel about the screenwriter not knowing what wolverine is, just taking the job because of his agent. But I'll hold judgement

gauleyboy420 3/26/2009 10:16:23 AM

Oh also, MANIA you have found a way to have a pop up ad every 10 seconds, but still can't figure out how to put the edit feature back in? SERIOUSLY??!!!

xenomorph 3/26/2009 11:06:27 AM

So, does this mean that Frank Welker will be doing the voice's of SoundWave, The Fallen, and MegaTron?

NotAFan 3/26/2009 3:33:38 PM

Wolverine Origins break continuity with the earlier xmen films! It's suppossed to be a prequel but now Cyclops and Wolverine knew eachother before Xmen 1! Yet when they see eachother Cylops doesn't say anything. Even when he knows Wolverine wants to know about his past he doesn't say anything? No "Hey remember when we were in Weapon X together", No nothing. Plus anyone who knows anything about Wolverine knows the guys they list in trailer aren't even the guys in WEAPON X! WTF? Blob, Gambit, Cyclops, they're not in Weapon X! IT just shows a complete disrespect for the source material. But that's nothing new when they made Xmen. THey changed Jubilee's character into Rogue's character in the movie, making her into a teenager and Wolverine's sidekick. Which is extremely messed up for anyone who remembers the Xmen cartoon from the 90's, cuz she was the most whorish of the female characters. Oh and as for Scarlett Johansson. I don't get it. The only movie where I thought she was hot was COOL WORLD and that was because she stood next to that fat chick the whole time. She's got way too much forehead for my taste. She'll never be Megan Fox!

DreamMephisto 3/26/2009 4:43:08 PM

I have to say that in the Origins trailers, I don't see a single scene in which Wolverine and Cyclops come face to face. I see Sabretooth chasing after Cyclops at the highschool, so maybe Wolverine has nothing to do with tracking and capturing Cyclops then. And again, when Wolverine starts freeing other captives, maybe he doesn't personally free Cyclops. Maybe it's Emma Frost. I would just think that Fox would be smart enough to not overlook a possible continuity error between Wolverine Origins and X-Men 1.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 3/26/2009 7:31:03 PM

Exactly, Mephisto, that's what I'm saying about the Cyclops thing.  Nowhere in the previews does it show Wolverine with Cyclops.  Just because he's in the movie doesn't mean that they are in the same scenes together.  Not that I agree with him being in the movie in the first place but just because he's there don't mean that they know each other.

As for Scarlett Johansson, man, she is hot, I don't care what anybody says. She has that classic beauty from way back then like Audrey Hepburn and such.  Not that she's near as cute as Hepburn was but she reminds of the actresses from that time period.  I think she looks good with black hair and she sort of has that exotic beauty that is common with hot Russian women.


I would love Powers to be on FX, that could be nothing but bad ass.  I want to see either a Daredevil or Moon Knight series on FX done by Shawn Ryan from The Shield fame.   I think he could do both of those characters justice.  Even for a movie but a series would be ridonkulous.  As long as somebody could get the costumes right.

AMiSHPiRATE 3/26/2009 8:53:08 PM

Would Hugh Jackman be in X-Men 4 or 5?  I can't see Hugh Jackman sticking with the character for that long and without Cyclops or Jean Grey what would their line be? 

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