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The Wolverine Blu-ray Details and Release Date

Coming this December

By Robert T. Trate     October 02, 2013
Source: 20th Century Fox

The Wolverine arrives in theaters on July 26th, 2013.
© Marvel Comics

Will this be the last Hugh Jackman solo Wolverine film? Will Jackman reprise his role after X-Men Days of Future Past? Hopefully there is one more movie left in the man. The Wolverine was a step in the right direction and an escape from the previous Wolverine debacle. 20th Century Fox has released the specific on The Wolverine Blu-ray and DVD. Check out the details below:

Official Press release: The year’s most  action packed blockbuster comes home as THE WOLVERINE debuts  its  4 disc Blu-ray Unleashed Extended Edition, 2 disc Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on December 3 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.  Directed by James Mangold (Knight and Day, 3:10 to Yuma, Walk The Line), THE WOLVERINE inspired by the celebrated Marvel comic book arc and featuring Hugh Jackman, in the title role takes the hero to a Japan he hasn’t seen since World War II – and into a shadowy realm of ninjas, mutants, and a brand new class of villains.  To date the film has topped over $371 million in the worldwide box office becoming the highest grossing film in the franchise internationally.

Jackman returns as The Wolverine and faces his ultimate nemesis in an action-packed, life-or-death battle that takes him to modern-day Japan. Vulnerable for the first time and pushed to his limits, Wolverine confronts not only lethal samurai steel but also his inner struggle against his own immortality; an epic fight that will leave him forever changed. 

THE WOLVERINE Blu-ray will allow fans to sync with the Second Screen app where viewers can immerse themselves in the world of The Wolverine, including a synced viewing experience, concept art, and many more cool and interactive bonus materials! The Unleashed Extended Edition will feature an extended cut of the film for the first time ever in the entire X-Men franchise, allowing viewers to go further into the creation of the darker Wolverine and the journey that he undertakes. THE WOLVERINE Unleashed Extended Edition Blu-ray includes 3D Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD, complete with exclusives that make it the perfect gift for the holidays.  

THE WOLVERINE Unleashed Extended Edition – Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD 
  • The Extended, Unrated Cut – the first for the X-Men franchise! 
  • THE WOLVERINE Unleashed – more violent and hardcore than ever before
  • The Path of the Ronin – an immersive feature following the journey of a hero without a past 
  • Alternate Ending 
  • Audio Commentary by Director James Mangold (only on the unleashed extended) 
  • Sync with The Wolverine Second Screen App for an interactive Second Screen experience 
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past Set Tour 
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • THE WOLVERINE – Theatrical Version with special features:
  • Alternate Ending 
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past Set Tour 
  • The Path of the Ronin – an immersive feature following the journey of a hero without a past 
  • Sync with Wolverine Second Screen App for an interactive Second Screen experience 
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • THE WOLVERINE – Theatrical Cut
  • Inspiration – A Ronin’s Journey 


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Wiseguy 10/2/2013 8:16:03 AM

I loved this movie.

I'd like to see a very loose version of Old Man Logan to wrap up the character, obviously they can't use the Marvel characters. I'd like to see Wolverine die at the end though.

They can replace all the Marvel characters with evil mutants

redhairs99 10/2/2013 10:02:28 AM

 Great!  So you have to buy the 3D Blu-ray set to get the unrated/extended edition.  That's BS!  Does that also mean that the extended and unrated version is only playable via the 3D disc or is it on the 2D bluray disc as well?

BunyonSnipe 10/2/2013 10:30:15 AM

It's a shame as Hawkeye was so great in Old Man Logan, also that 1970s toy Spider-Man car...


BunyonSnipe 10/2/2013 10:31:35 AM

The Spider-Mobile...


almostunbiased 10/2/2013 1:20:44 PM

Okay the pause of wolvie looks like he's trying to take a dump.  Just sayin.  I enjoyed this, except for (SPOILER) when he got his claws chopped off.  That pissed me off.   Oh and did I miss something.  WHEN?  When does it come out?

audioslave69 10/2/2013 10:37:14 PM

 @red hairs, it says "Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD"

So its the bluray disc that can switch from 3d to 2d or it has 2 blurays for each, a dvd and the digital version.

Dazzler 10/3/2013 4:23:46 AM

I still loved Origins better than this.  But as long as they keep making them I will be happy. 

redhairs99 10/3/2013 8:25:49 AM

 audioslave, my point was that the extended cut is only available in the 3D/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital combo pack.  The extended cut isn't available on the regular Blu-ray/DVD/Digital combo pack.  Therefore I was asking is the extended cut only playable on that single 3D Blu-ray disc and not playable on the 2D Blu-ray disc that comes in the 3D combo pack.

I think that it's BS that the extended cut would come only in the 3D Combo pack, so we'll have to pay an additional 10 to 15 bucks to see it.  And if that cut is only on the 3D disc that comes in that pack, then it's a waste of money to even buy.  I have zero interest in owning a 3D HDTV and 3D Blu-ray player.

almostunbiased 10/3/2013 1:21:11 PM

They are usually only $5 more at walmart, but I do agree with you redhairs

redhairs99 10/3/2013 1:55:48 PM

The only 3D bluray I bought was the combo pack of Avengers because they had it listed at $19.99 at Target when it was released.  However, the trend the last month or so that I've seen is that the new release Blu-ray/DVD/Digitals are coming in around $22.99 to $24.99 and the 3D combo packs are at minimum $29.99.  May not sound like much but every little bit adds up these days.



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