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Wolverine Guest-Stars

Proof that X-FORCE is in the established Marvel universe.

By Rob Allstetter     September 28, 2001

Artwork from X-FORCE #120.
© 2001 Marvel

Wolverine guest-stars in X-FORCE #120, on sale on Wednesday.

"He and Doop will have this long and much-needed conversation," X-FORCE editor Axel Alonso says. "Doop and Wolverine go back and they have a long conversation, and Wolverine plays a major role in our first story arc."

Wolverine's appear reaffirms the X-FORCE is definitely set within the Marvel Universe. Artist Mike Allred says X-FORCE is part of the X-MEN office's broadening approach to mutantkind.

"They've just managed to grab a little bit of acceptance like all the other celebrities like Joey Ramone, God rest his soul, and the like who are misfits and mutants who are accepted somehow because they're celebrities," Allred says of the new X-FORCE members.

"There are so many wonderful surprises in Peter Milligan's scripts. Every time I get one and I realize I get to draw it, the surprises are amazing. The characters deepen with each issue. It's one of the most beautiful, expanding pieces of writing I've ever experienced. If it doesn't become one of your very favorite comic books, it's my fault. The scripts are stunning, and I love these characters so much."


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