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The Wolverine X-Man Cameo?

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The Wolverine X-Man Cameo?

And it is only a rumor

By Robert T. Trate     October 22, 2012
Source: We Got this

POSSIBLE SPOILERS - POSSIBLE SPOILERS - POSSIBLE SPOILERS - POSSIBLE SPOILERS - UNCONFIRMED has interesting rumor on The Wolverine movie. They are reporting that Famke Janssen, who played Jean Grey in the X-Men movies, might make a cameo. Here is an insert from that story:

“It’s all been very exciting and today, the excitement continues as we’ve learnt from a source close to the film that Famke Janssen flew into Sydney last week to shoot a cameo. This news comes after Janssen hinted at the possibility of reprising her role as Jean Grey in an X-Men film while on the press tour for Taken 2”.

Now if memory serves me correctly, the first time Jean and Logan met was at Xavier’s school. Then again Logan’s memory has so many holes in it might as well be swiss cheese. 

It is just a rumor at this point and not yet confirmed. Then again so was Hugh Jackman’s cameo in X-Men: First Class and we all know how that turned out.  

Thanks to Chopsaki for the submission.


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Wiseguy 10/22/2012 8:12:43 AM

Famke was so miscast for this role. I could do without her ever playing it again

mikemc2 10/22/2012 8:20:51 AM

 Putting Jean Grey in this would be a mistake (in my opinion).  At least a small attempt at continuity should happen.  That and I can't buy that Wolverine just doesn't remember meeting her..especially since she didn't remember meeting him either.  But as you is a rumor.  She maybe reprising her role as a flash back..Wolverine is talking to her at the school prior to the events in the last Xmen movie about him adventure in Japan...maybe?

violator14 10/22/2012 8:58:04 AM

no no, this sounds perfectly right according to Fox studio's timelines. I'm sure Jean Grey is gonna be there side by side with Wolvie in Japan fighting the Silver Samurai and Sabretooth. Im sure Nightcrawler will join them in the middle of the movie. They make love, have a child named Colossus. No mention of this happens in the Xmen films, cuz hey, no one remembers for some reason, and all is fine.... its all just .. fine.....

Bryzarro 10/22/2012 9:26:52 AM

 Age of Apocolypse flash?  

BunyonSnipe 10/22/2012 9:54:50 AM

Maybe she's playing Madeline Pryor..?

Mossy1221 10/22/2012 10:18:54 AM

 Oh. Are they still urinating all over this franchise? Was there any doubt?

Higgy 10/22/2012 10:31:30 AM

Yeah geez.  Didn't you guys get the memo that Violator and I got?

ElBaz13 10/22/2012 11:11:18 AM

Hey Wise, or was it James Marsden that was miscast? Actually, a little bit of both.

Cyclops was supposed to be played by Jim Cavaziel. Then they cast Famke as they are close to the same age and I could see them have some chemistry. But Caviziel backed out and they got Marsden as a replacement but they didn't recast Jean who then was a cougar in the role of Jean Grey.

I honestly still can't believe they are still grasping a the Singer/X-men continuity but the rumour has it that its' setting up for the Days of Future Past movie which Fox is trying to get back Stewart, McKellen, Jansen and Jackman.

Ugh! I hate this. Fox should have just rebooted at First Class and let Mark Millar consult the next upcoming movies.

InnerSanctum 10/22/2012 12:01:00 PM

 Famke?  Really?  She is a lovely woman, but she was also one of the oldest members over ten years ago.  I saw her recently and she looks like she has aged.  Couger indeed.  Of all the Xmen...wouldn't it be much cooler to see Patrick Stewart in the future?  I mean, he DIDN'T die in X-3...he transfered his mind to another body.  

What made First Class cool is that I thought they might ditch the established continuity.  Even with a brief Wolvie appearance.  

ElBaz13 10/22/2012 12:23:44 PM


X-men FC was the best of the X-men movies but it could have been so much more had it been a reboot. Then they could have recasted Wolverine, Jean, etc... and of course wipe out the messed up Singer-universe continuity.

By doing a reboot, they could have reused Jean. Cyke, Iceman, etc...and no Darwin, Angel butterfly chick and Cyclops's older...and I mean...way older brother, Havok.


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