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BunyonSnipe 10/22/2012 2:13:25 PM

I think Days od Future Past may well reboot EVERYTHING!

alienstatue 10/22/2012 2:40:54 PM

Days of future past has the capability to blow our minds!! But we'll have to wait and see.

Someone said AOA Jean? Dang that would be sick!!.

Wiseguy 10/22/2012 3:58:20 PM

ElBaz yeah I agree but Famke looked like she could've played Xavier's wife instead of his pupil

And yeah you know how I feel about Singer's X-Men continuity and apparently Fox just keeps keeping on with this continuity which drives me crazy and diminishes my personal enjoyment.

Having said that I have to admit that I am looking forward to Days of Future Past. That has the possibility of being pretty awesome despite what has already been established.

Lastly Bunyonsnipe from your lips to God's ear, I hope that it does reboot everything but somehow I doubt it.

SarcasticCaveman 10/22/2012 5:30:56 PM

 I'll be shocked if "Days of Future Past" has anything to do with the comic of the same name.  It's not as if "First Class" had anything to do with the comic of the same name.  I think the producers of the film looked through a list of famous story titles and picked one that sounded cool.  Let's see if I'm proven wrong.

violator14 10/22/2012 6:00:47 PM

 Lmao at the possibility of Fox even coming close to the Xmen comics in our lifetimes

InnerSanctum 10/22/2012 6:01:09 PM

 Sarcastic...your profile pic made me laugh.  

InnerSanctum 10/22/2012 6:02:05 PM

 I like the idea that the possibility of this movie being a game changer and allowing them to reboot.  Probably won't happen, but it would be very cool.  

violator14 10/22/2012 7:11:58 PM

 Ok I just zoomed into Cavemans "avatar" and realized how great it is!! Haha

thezillaman 10/22/2012 11:03:33 PM

 Oppa is Gangnam style!!!...heeeey sexy lady""..

KoalaSteve 10/27/2012 6:54:10 AM

 For Pete's sake Fox!

Just let Marvel have the X-men rights back, so we can finally have a good X-men film.

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