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monkeyfoot 11/2/2010 10:15:23 AM


Yeah, I agree the comment posting on Mania is a mystery. Sometimes you post something and its there immediately. Other times it doesn't pop up for maybe 20 minutes or isn't there depending on how you go to the page. Yesterday, I tried posting a comment with a URL link in it and despite repeated attempts it never appeared. I suspect that one maybe because of a new anti-spamming software to stop those pesky ugo boots  and clothing ad spammers from posting anymore. 

LocoLobo73 11/2/2010 10:47:41 AM

WONDER WOMAN: Phoneix is a bonafide hottie, but can she act , im not sure , I have not suffered through LOST BOYS 3, I hope she can but I also Would say Bridget Regan (legend of the seeker) would also be a great choice, she has good acting ability and she absolutely fits the body for the role, and can do the action. The Bigger question is the show its self, its going to have to be updated and modernized, cause I doubt they are going to do a series based in the 40's, not going to happen so what are they going to call it "Paradise Island". lol. You know they are going to throw the original costume out and  go with the new current costume, which I believe that DC did for a primer for the show. i would be surprised if they have it set in a NYC or DC setting having her be an Ambassador from Paradise Island sent her to bridge the gap between their world and the world of Man.

Conan 3D : why why why just leave it normal........ enough with the 3d shit , until I see a freaking phenomenal movie shot in 3D, Stop with the 3D s**t

THE WALKING DEAD: FREAKIN AWESOME , i've already raved about on the review page so moving on

XMEN: FIRST CLASS: Listen i hope they spent as much time on the story as they did on getting all these people in the movie. I mean come on if its not advancing the script then why do you have them in there. Not to mention if this takes place before ORIGINS which it has then Wolverine would have to be clawless, and then the only way i could see him fitting in would be having him with the soliders when they find MAGNUS

Rheul_home 11/2/2010 11:18:45 AM

1. Tanit Phoenix? Ummm... Yes please. If shes in it Ill watch.
2. Wolverine in First Class? No doubt. These X-Films really don't respect any continuity at all so I'm 100% sure hell be in there
3. Anyone else think that Caps triangle shield looks like its made out of wood? I guess that is the shield he will use in his USO stint.

FeiLonger 11/2/2010 11:55:02 AM

X-Men: First Class: They are missing a huge opportunity with this. They could change the script to focus on Wolverine and make him one of the main characters! Then they could rename this movie to Wolverine and the X-Men: First Class...

millean 11/2/2010 1:02:56 PM

Conan 3D: That's one of those movies I have no real desire to see in 3D.  However, I have no problem with them going 3D if they want to, won't hurt me none as it will still be offered in 2D.  Two more things...

1) This movie isn't really called "Conan 3D", is it?  Surely that is just the author's reference.

2) When are we going to start seeing more footage and stills on this?  Anyone else interested how the fight scenes and Rachel Nichols' costume are going to look? (not necessarily in that order)

Monkeyfoot, maybe we can start linking to articles like this...

Aich Tea Tea Pee colon forward-slash forward-slash double-U double-U double-U dot mania dot com

LocoLobo73 11/2/2010 1:22:04 PM

My vote is for Bridget Regan for Diana Prince

wessmith1966 11/2/2010 3:35:36 PM

Don't know if Tanit can act or not, but she certainly LOOKS the part. Wow, what a stunner.

The images from Captain America look great. I especially like the one with Cap standing in the crowd of soldiers. Can someone please put Haley Atwell in my stocking for Christmas?

I think it would be a good idea to have Wolverine/Logan make a cameo in the XMen movie. I'm really hoping Fox has finally gotten it's collective head out of its collective butt when it comes to super hero movies. They know the characters they have under license will draw viewers, so why not make GOOD movies to fraw even more viewers and make even more money. These franchises canbe more than just cash cows!

I'm looking forward to a Conan trailer. I didn't like the first images I saw, but I saw a second batch that looked impressive.

Walking Dead was excellent; looking forward to seeing where the series goes. I was surprised at the amount of violence shown and not simply implied.

musicpk25 11/4/2010 6:36:41 AM



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