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Wolverine's "Origin Quest"

Follow-up to ORIGIN series and more.

By Rob Allstetter     September 07, 2001

Wolverine's ORIGIN
© 2001 Marvel Comics

Marvel will follow the ORIGIN mini-series with a three-issue story arc called "Origin Quest" in the WOLVERINE monthly.

"It's a nod to what Paul (Jenkins) will be doing in Origin," WOLVERINE writer Frank Tieri says. "It will take some of the elements started in ORIGIN and pick them up in WOLVERINE."
Before that, though, is a three-issue story arc called "Stay Alive" that runs in WOLVERINE #170-172 and will feature Alpha Flight.

"The identity of the villain in the arc will be revealed in this year's annual," Tieri says. "The annual also features two other villains -- one, a long-time Wolverine foe and another, a Marvel U villain who I don't believe Wolvie's ever faced before. The annual acts as sort of a prelude, as this mysterious villain has begun to set into motion his plans that will
bear fruit in 'Stay Alive.'

"In issue 170, we will find Wolverine already in Canada, where he will become aware of said villain's machinations-- and of course, look to stop him.

"Also being drawn into the fray will be Alpha Flight. Hey, it's Canada -- I don't think you're allowed to do a storyline in Canada unless you have Alpha show up! Canadian law or something."

Which Alpha Flight members will be involved?

"We're talking original Alphas here for the most part, the team that says Alpha Flight to me -- Guardian, Puck, Sasquatch, Snowbird, Shaman, etc.," Tieri says.

WOLVERINE #171, right in the middle of the arc, will be the silent issue as part of Marvel's event.

"That issue will feature one of the most unique fights Wolvie's ever had to be a part of," Tieri says.


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